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As an eCommerce business we’re in contact with our customers every day. We get it straight up: feedback, ideas, reports on hunts, and questions. Lots of questions.

Outside of “When is the Heated Core Vest going to be back in stock?” (late August!), the most frequent question we’re asked is which suit do we recommend – Waypoint or Selkirk? And our response? A very confident “It depends.”

Many factors come into play when recommending the best suit for you. Where you hunt, when you hunt, and how you hunt are keys to making a solid suggestion.

The purpose of this post is to help give you an understanding of the similarities and differences between Waypoint and Selkirk. Knowing the advantages of each will help you choose the best suit for your hunts. And if you still have questions? We’re always available to help.

Waypoint and Selkirk are both mid-weight suits designed to put you in charge of your comfort level based on temperature, conditions, and exertion level. With insulation focused on the body core, proper layering will take you through every season of your season.

Let’s take a closer look at each:

Waypoint All-Season Hunting Jacket and Pant

Waypoint is a deadly quiet suit with a softshell outer fabric. The smooth surface of Waypoint is treated with DWR for water repellency and is resistant to burrs. The weave of the outer fabric also makes Waypoint wind resistant to 50 mph.

While insulation is focused on the body core, lining in arms and lower legs features a smooth surface Taffeta fabric. The inclusion of Taffeta in the arms makes every critical movement with your arms smooth, deliberate, and easy.  Taffeta in the arms and legs also makes layering easier than ever. Layers glide on beneath Waypoint. And with the right mix of base and mid-layers? You will find Waypoint to be your “go to” suit from mid-season through late.

Waypoint also features:

  • 5 pockets in jacket and 5 in pant
  • Anti-abrasion overlays on shoulders, elbows, knees, and boot cuffs
  • Pit and crotch zips for ventilation
  • Pre-molded, removable knee pads
  • 4-way adjustable hood
  • Tree safety harness port between shoulder blades
  • SilverStrike™ anti-microbial treatment for odor control

Selkirk All-Weather Hunting Jacket and Pant

Selkirk has earned a reputation for being a leading All-Weather, mid-weight hunting suit among hunters throughout the United States and around the globe. Seeing the All-Weather description, hunters occasionally refer to Selkirk as “rain gear.” It’s not. Selkirk is a much, much more.

As a mid-weight, all-weather suit, Selkirk is a great choice for every hunt no matter what the weather - from bluebird skies and seasonal fall temperatures to the windy, rainy, cold, snowy, nasty stuff.

The outer fabric of Selkirk is an ultra-quiet, soft, Super Micro Brush Tricot treated with DWR for rain repellency. Should the DWR ever fail, the Porelle Extreme waterproof/breathable membrane takes over for rain protection. And to keep you dry and comfortable inside Selkirk, the breathability of Porelle Extreme is unmatched in the hunting industry with a Moisture Vapor Transfer Rating (MVT) of 120,000.

The integration of Porelle Extreme into Selkirk is designed to draw moisture away from your body and inside layers, and push it to the outer fabric for evaporation. This feature is critical especially in cold weather as a moisture buildup inside a hunting jacket and pant has the potential to push you out of the field due to cold your body simply won’t be able to overcome. Moisture buildup in extreme cold can also prove deadly as hunters may experience hypothermia from sweat buildup on the body and inner layers of clothing.

For those hunters who want the additional warmth, comfort, and protection a Bib provides? Selkirk Bibs are available.

Other features of Selkirk include:

  • Windproof protection from membrane
  • Plenty of pockets in the jacket and pant
  • Anti-abrasion overlays on shoulders, elbows, knees, and boot cuffs
  • Pre-molded, removable knee pads
  • 4-way adjustable hood
  • Tree safety harness port between shoulder blades
  • SilverStrike™ anti-microbial treatment for odor control
  • Bib option for pant
Features Waypoint Selkirk
Deadly quiet outer fabric
Insulation focused on core
Waterproof/breathable membrane
DWR Rain Repellency
Fast, easy layering
Adjustable hood
Removable knee pads
Anti-abrasion overlays
Tree safety harness port
SilverStrike™ anti-microbial
Guaranteed for life

Bottom line: if you plan to hunt in wet/rainy conditions or hunt in areas where unexpected storms can come up without notice, the recommendation is Selkirk. If you hunt all season but don’t hunt when prolonged periods of rain are in the forecast? Consider Waypoint.

We welcome the chance to help you with your suit selection. Write anytime with questions for gear suggestions based on when, where, and how you hunt. You can reach a team member at

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