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Waterproofing & Breathability

Comfort in the field is critical to you. And it's critical to us. That's why we searched the world to find the best waterproof and breathable membrane in the industry - Porelle Extreme. It's breathability rating of 120,000 blows the doors off any membrane on the market today. We invite you to learn more about Porelle and other leading technologies integrated into Pnuma hunting apparel.

At our best when conditions are at their worst.

The bi-component Porelle® Extreme membrane found in the Pnuma Selkirk Jacket and Pant Hunting System has set a new bar as the finest waterproof, breathable membrane in the industry. The outer PTFE is a hydrophobic, water-hating layer that keeps wetness out, providing a waterproof rating of more than 20,000. The inner PU component is a hydrophilic, water-loving layer, which draws water vapor from your perspiration through the membrane to the outer layer where it evaporates. With a Moisture Vapor Transfer (MVT) rating of 120,000 Pnuma delivers twice the breathability rating of any other hunting apparel. The bottom line on Porelle Extreme? You stay warmer, drier, and more comfortable no matter how extreme conditions get. 

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The HydroWick™ difference.

HydroWick™ technology is the cornerstone of our IconX hunting base layer. Our proprietary fabric blend with HydroWick is knitted with hollow, porous, hygroscopic fibers. These hollow fibers dramatically improve moisture wicking over traditional fibers. Insulating and cooling properties are significantly increased by trapping or releasing body heat through the air spaces in the fibers. HydroWick fabric features reduced pilling, enhanced stretch, and offers a smooth fabric feel over the athletic design of IconX. It’s a world-class hunting base layer that’s in a class of its own.

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The coolest fabric there is.

Coolcore patented cooling technology is the first fabric on the planet to be awarded the Hohenstein Institute’s Innovative Technology Award for cooling. Coolcore’s revolutionary moisture activated fabric uses proprietary and innovative yarn-spun micro-tubing to keep you cool. This incredible fabric wicks sweat away from your skin, then transports it rapidly to accelerate drying. Its unique ability to regulate evaporation works to keep you cooler. Unlike standard wicking treatments, it does this without chemicals, and will not degrade over time. The warmer the environment and the more active you are the more you will perspire. Put sweat to work for you. Stay cool with Coolcore. 

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3M™ Scotchgard™ DWR. The proof is in how dry you’ll stay.

3M™ Scotchgard™ DWR (Durable Water Repellent) is a finish added to shell fabric to make it water-repellent (hydrophobic), preventing the outer layer of fabric from “wetting out” or becoming saturated with water, which will keep you drier and more comfortable, longer. 

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Like water off a buck’s back.

Porelle® Dry is a waterproof insert designed specifically to waterproof Pnuma gloves and hats to ensure the dry, warm comfort you expect when the weather turns foul. It is a breathable, microporous hydrophobic membrane that keeps all insulation and lining layers, and you, dry. You’ll stay comfortable whether you’re hiking at elevation or sitting in the stand. 

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