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Thermal Regulation

Staying warm when it's cold, dry when it's wet, and cool when it's hot. It's all part of the hunt. A critical part. No apparel on the market keeps you more comfortable in the field under all conditions than Pnuma. A bold statement? Not really. We back up every word with a Lifetime Guarantee.

The HydroWick™ difference.

HydroWick™ technology is the cornerstone of our IconX hunting base layer. Our proprietary fabric blend with HydroWick is knitted with hollow, porous, hygroscopic fibers. These hollow fibers dramatically improve moisture wicking over traditional fibers. Insulating and cooling properties are significantly increased by trapping or releasing body heat through the air spaces in the fibers. HydroWick fabric features reduced pilling, enhanced stretch, and offers a smooth fabric feel over the athletic design of IconX. It’s a world-class hunting base layer that’s in a class of its own.

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The coolest fabric there is.

Coolcore patented cooling technology is the first fabric on the planet to be awarded the Hohenstein Institute’s Innovative Technology Award for cooling. Coolcore’s revolutionary moisture activated fabric uses proprietary and innovative yarn-spun micro-tubing to keep you cool. This incredible fabric wicks sweat away from your skin, then transports it rapidly to accelerate drying. Its unique ability to regulate evaporation works to keep you cooler. Unlike standard wicking treatments, it does this without chemicals, and will not degrade over time. The warmer the environment and the more active you are the more you will perspire. Put sweat to work for you. Stay cool with the Tenacity Coolcore Performance Shirt for your early season hunts. Layer the Tenacity Coolcore Hunting Shirt with the Pnuma Merino Wool Base Layer or IconX Hunting Base Layer when temperatures cool off during mid-season and late-season hunts

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Pnuma Merino Wool. The wool you’ll want pulled over you.

Search the world over, as we have, and you will find the very best Merino wool comes from Merino sheep breeds of Australia - the same source of wool for our Pnuma Merino Wool Hunting Base Layer. Merino has natural properties of fine-gauge, long staple length, high lanolin content, high strength-to-weight ratios, and elasticity. Plus, Merino Wool is known for its natural odor control and wicking properties that many base layers rely on. At Pnuma, we didn’t think these natural properties were effective enough for the demands of Pnuma base layers. So we took things further to make Pnuma Merino perform even better. SilverStrike™ anti-microbial was added to enhance odor control. Merino wool is the perfect natural solution for next to skin base layers. We made the best hunting Merino Wool and made it even better. 

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Featherless. Fearless.

3M™ Thinsulate™ Featherless Insulation – 700 fill power - gives you the ability to stay out in cold weather no matter where you’re hunting. Lightweight, highly breathable, and extremely warm, featherless insulation is a synthetic, durable, and superior alternative to natural down. Unlike down, 3M™ Thinsulate™ Featherless Insulation in The Insulator Hunting Jacket, Pant, and Vest will retain its loft and keep you warm even when wet.

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