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Tenacity Performance Outdoor Pant

Tenacity Performance Outdoor Pant by Pnuma Outdoors
Tenacity Performance Outdoor Pant by Pnuma Outdoors Tenacity Performance Outdoor Pant by Pnuma Outdoors Tenacity Bear

Tenacity Performance Outdoor Pant

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When you play hard if there’s one piece of gear that takes more than its share of punishment it’s your pants. Born in the high-desert mountains of New Mexico, home of the tough-as-nails Boaz Ibex, the Pnuma Tenacity Outdoor Pant is ready to take on anything and everything in its path. In the mountains it’ll wage war against cactus, sharp rocks, snagging oak brush and rock slides – and win. Away from the mountains it’ll get you through woods, thick underbrush, burrs, stand steps, and across that ever-so-lightly rusted corner on the dropped tailgate of your truck without so much as a nick. For pre-season work, scouting, hunting, fishing, boating, camping, and hiking nothing beats the Tenacity Outdoor Pant.

  • Toughest pants you’ll ever wear
  • Dura-Fila® N66 high tenacity nylon yarn for extreme durability
  • Lightweight ripstop fabric resists tears and punctures
  • Reinforced seat and knees
  • Molded, removable knee pads for extra comfort and protection
  • 8 pockets
  • Size by waist/inseam for perfect fit
  • Guaranteed for life
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Built to get you there and back. Not to back down.

Working your way through fields, trails, forests, deserts, deep brush, across rocks and boulders isn’t part of what you have to do. It’s what you choose to do. When conditions are at their toughest, you and the comfortable, durable, lightweight Tenacity Performance Outdoor Pant performs at its peak. Perfect for pre-season work, scouting, hunting, fishing, boating, camping, hiking, and whatever gets you outdoors.

  • Toughest pants you’ll ever wear
  • Dura-Fila® N66 high tenacity yarn
  • 160 denier yarn for tighter weave and stronger construction
  • Ripstop & puncture-resistant fabric
  • SilverStrike anti-microbial odor control for improved scent stealth and freshness in the field
  • DuraGuard™ abrasion-resistant overlays on knees and boot cuffs
  • Knee pads – molded and removable - for additional comfort and protection
  • YKK heavy duty stitch-sealed and tape-sealed zippers
  • Self-adjusting waist for a sure fit
  • Gusseted crotch and pre-curved knees for ease of mobility
  • Reinforced seat
  • 8 pockets
  • Elastic ankle straps with hook and loop closure keeps debris out when cinched tight
  • Quiet, rubberized snaps
  • Pants sized by waist/inseam for perfect fit
  • 29 ounces (product weight for large pant)
  • Guaranteed for life

Who wouldn’t want their gear to be tenacious?

Our gear is woven ultra-tight from Dura-Fila® N66 high tenacity yarn—instead of the traditional non-tenacious N6 yarn found in other hunting apparel—making it almost impermeable to punctures and rugged wear.

True sizing means true fit.

Whether you’re looking at hunting base layers that will keep you warm, dry and comfortable all day, outer layers that protect you from wild swings in conditions while you’re in the backcountry, or anything in between, the right fit is imperative for optimal gear performance. That’s why we offer True Fit on all Pnuma hunting clothing.

In order to ensure you get the right gear sized to your needs, we give you a 30-day True Fit period. Purchase any Pnuma hunting apparel products and if they don’t fit correctly or you’re dissatisfied in any way simply send them back within 30 days. All returned items must be in new, re-sellable condition. You’ll receive a full refund.

In addition to traditional medium through XXXL, all Pnuma hunting jackets are available in Tall sizes. We’ve designed them with an additional 2” in torso length and 1.5” in the sleeves. The inseam on The Insulator pant has an additional 2” in length. No more swimming in a larger size to get the length you need.

All of our pants, with the exception of The Insulator pant and base layers, are available by waist and inseam. So, whether you’re a 32”/34”, a 40”/36”, or any other combination, you can order the size that fits you, not just the size that fits most.

And since we know that the human body, at rest or in motion, has natural bends and curves in the arms and legs, every top and bottom in every layer we offer has active-contoured elbows and knees to help improve fit and function even further. Even our gloves are designed with curved fingers to replicate the natural shape of our hands.

That means you can order your size and head to the field with confidence knowing you have exactly the right gear - in the right size - for you.

SilverStrike™ Antimicrobial Technology. Nature’s scent control.

Microbes are living cells like bacteria, fungi and algae that can grow on many materials creating foul odors, discoloration, and formation of mildew and biofilm. Put your gear away wet and you know exactly what we’re talking about. The antimicrobial properties of silver, unlike harsh chemical treatments, have been known for centuries. Applying it to outdoor gear is still a great way to combat odor. SilverStrike advanced antimicrobial fabric technology prevents the formation and growth of bacteria and other odor-causing microbes, keeping garments smelling fresher—and you staying undetected—longer.

pnuma lifetime guarantee

As we consider what's important in today's world, we realize that there aren't too many pledges made with true character standing behind them.

L.L. Bean made one of the strongest pledges of customer satisfaction in 1912, and it remains exceptional today. A.G. Russell made a similar promise in 1962, and today it, too, has stood the test of time. Pnuma is unwavering in our desire to be exceptional. Exceptional in all ways. Always.

Pnuma is a brand that delivers a premium customer experience in every aspect of everything we do. We demand of ourselves to be among the very few who have the courage, character and confidence to offer our customers the most powerful claim we can possibly make:

A 100% Lifetime Guarantee on our entire line of Pnuma products – everything we make. Not for 30 days. Not for a year. But, for the life of the product.

If our products fail you? We’ve failed you and we stand solidly behind our promise to make it right. We will repair or replace any product that fails to meet your expectations.

We're proud to make this promise to you.

Click here to learn more about our lifetime guarantee.

Overall Rating
23 Review(s) | Add Your Review
Great value for the dollar
It was great to finally come across a company that realizes people come in more sizes than S/M/L/XL. What a relief to finally find a technical hunting pant with true waist/length sizing. I understand the inventory implications of doing so, and it's appreciated. As for features, I'm really surprised with what Pnuma is offering versus the cost of the product. Plenty of pockets, some with zippers (good ones), and some with snaps, and some just open. So you have plenty of options. Put them through a tough test this past weekend in Oregon elk country, climbing/descending/crawling... cold mornings with warm afternoons... they worked fantastic, and very comfortable. With technical apparel, you get what you pay for. Sometimes that cost is just too out of reach for me, but these pants hit the sweet spot for me. Oh, I just saw another reviewer mention "short in the zipper". I have to echo that call-out. Not sure what happened with your fit test on that matter.
How would you rate this product?
by Northwest Upland Bird and Elk hunter (9/6/2018)
No Dry Sack... But
I was initially bummed that my order didn’t come in a super cool Pnuma dry sack. However, these pants are amazing!! 5 stars all the way!
I measure a 34/32 but prefer a slightly longer fit and wear a 34/34 in a Wrangler Retro jean. After reading some of the reviews about them running a little long I still decided to order the 34/34 in the Tenacity. They are perfect!! The athletic fit, material and color are all amazing. These will go with pretty much any camp. Thanks Pnuma for a great pair of hunting pants!!
How would you rate this product?
by Creede_Rx (5/9/2018)
This is a follow up on my initial review below:

Pants holding up great. So great that I'd like to buy a few more pairs.
Only problem is I dont need an arsenal of Pine Creek Green pants!
The Tenacity Pants have basically made my Kuiu Attack pants obsolete.

I'd like to see Camel/Tan, and some sort of Gray.
At least offer all your pants in both Solids available - Brown/Pine Creek
Brown - Tenacity?
Pine Creek - Selkirk?
How would you rate this product?
by Steve (3/23/2018)
New Go-To Pants
These pants are a must have.
I was a little hesitant when purchasing - I already have solid color Kuiu attacks
After 1 day I was sold. These are my new go-to pants from 30-100 degrees.
Saturday high 30's with wind, layered 145 merino pants under and was GTG.
Sunday mid 40's sunny, pants w/o baselayer and was GTG.
Brush-busting, no problem. Had them out shed hunting this weekend and no-snags or rips. Cant say that about the attack pants.

Fit is perfect and athletic. They do not need zip vents like the Kuiu Attacks because THEY BREATHE BETTER! No DWR finish, but they dont need it either. Knee pads a plus. Pocket designs in prefect positions and very well thought out.
Brush-busting, no problem. Had them out shed hunting this weekend and no-snags or rips. Cant say that about the attack pants.

I only wish they came in multiple solid colors! I'd buy 2-3 more pairs.
Pine creek green is a great color and mixes/matches well with most of my camo pattern tops/jackets. No need for camo pants. Wind and movement get you busted.
How would you rate this product?
by Steve (3/5/2018)
Warm and dry
Wore these pants in the snow all weekend. I was walking and sliding through 2 feet of snow at times. These pants kept me warm and dry. Amazing quality.
How would you rate this product?
by Snow Sportsman (2/26/2018)
LOW Crotch!
Love the pants. Good freedom of movement, with one exception. The crotch is cut very low! I really hate it when pants are cut this way and can't think of a single person who is built with a waist or mid section shaped to fit these. I'm all for giving "yourself" some room but there could easily be an inch taken out of this area with plenty of room to spare. A number of friends were interested in this product until they saw the crotch cut with mine. Maybe something Pnuma can fix on future models. If the quality and other features weren't so good I'd be giving far less stars.
How would you rate this product?
by Call-In the Country (2/3/2018)
Great pants
Very good product. I bought two pairs because I like the way they stretch and move and fit the body. They are very durable as well
How would you rate this product?
by Bryon (1/29/2018)
good pant
Everything is great, except the crotch is a little long to me. They seem a bit baggy. I did the tall and i have 34” pants i usually wear so maybe i didn’t need the tall.
How would you rate this product?
by sam (1/16/2018)
I really enjoy the pants. I’m a big active man in the mountains so I need the tall flexible fabric that stretches to my movements. I’m going to buy another pair. I’d buy more but they are pricey.
How would you rate this product?
by Bryon (1/14/2018)
How would you rate this product?
by Mark (11/3/2017)
All around pant
The only reason I give these pants a 4 star is due to no venting, which isn't a big deal since they do breathe well. The other reason is they will absorb water pretty quick but they do dry quick as well so really I'd say they're a 4.5 star considering they're not really designed for wetter environments. I was very impressed when I got these pants, fit is great, knee pads are actually placed where they should to work, the cargo pockets are a tad flimsy so opening the zipper pocket almost requires two hands but great pants overall.
How would you rate this product?
by Travis (10/13/2017)
Most versatile pants ever
I was blown away from the moment I put these on. They were a perfect fit and true to size. I almost always buy 32/32 in pants, but sometimes the pants are too long or the waist is too big. These fit exactly as they should. They are incredibly comfortable no matter what you're doing. From hiking in the mountains to walking down the street, I feel like I can wear these for any outdoor or active occasion. They're warm enough for 25 degrees without anything under or over them, but they don't get too hot even when it's 60 degrees and sunny. My only complaint is that there are so many pockets that I sometimes forget where I put stuff!
How would you rate this product?
by Tower of Power (10/11/2017)
Short in the zipper
Just a bit short in the crotch zipper; zipper should be one-half inch longer for me. Otherwise excellent pant, as well it should with the price.
How would you rate this product?
by Confined (9/12/2017)
Got these pants for an elk hunt in 16d here in New Mexico. I loved the fit of these pants. They are the best hunting pants I've ever owned. Even tore thru several hundred yards of "cat's claw" in a burn and only had a couple pulls. Any other pant would have been shredded. Thanks for a quality pant!
How would you rate this product?
by Tony (9/11/2017)
Very Happy!
Best hunting pants I have ever owned, hands down! Fit exactly like the sizing said they would. Absolutely love the knee pads. I take them out while hiking, but on a stalk they save my knees from cactus, and stickers. Also, complimentary dry sack! Class act. Thanks Pnuma!
How would you rate this product?
by Benjamin Carlson (9/1/2017)
No Regrets
I'll admit I was skeptical these pants could be as great as commonly reviewed. I'm hard to please, and c'mon, it's just a pair of pants, right? After looking many times, I bought the pants while on sale. I bought my normal size and they fit good. Wore them all weekend and I'm very impressed with them. If I had to knock anything, I'd say they have to many features. I would lose the knee pads and a few of the pockets, lower the price and have the perfect pants. My favorite feature is the expandable waist to fit with or without base layers. Pockets are in great locations and the zippers work great. Velcro straps on the bottom allow you to cinch them for rubber boots. I'm already considering another pair in camo.
How would you rate this product?
by theWB (7/31/2017)
The Best That I Have Ever Used
I have had these for about 3 months now and been able to use them on a variety trips into varying terrain. They are everything Pnuma touts them to be. These are without a doubt the most comfortable and best performing lightweight, early season pant that I have ever used. I have spent big money on the "Big 4" mountain hunting brands before but I have always found their quality lacking in terms of long term use and abuse. So far this does not appear to be an issue with Pnuma. Only time will tell.

The fit and stretch of the material moves with me perfectly. I am 6'2" and 205 lbs with an athletic but not ripped build. The 34/34 fits me exactly how I like. The waist on these pants is heavier than any other pant I have used but it feels good and it is made to last. The waist naturally stretches and doesn't pinch or bind when you bend over or cinch down your pack belt. The pockets are well though out and quite functional. The knees pads are not ideal in my opinion. The best knee pad design I have used are the exterior kevlar that Kuiu uses. I could see the Pnuma ones being fucntional in certain scenarios but comfortable - no. Since these pants have a reinforced knee, I have no issues and love them regardless of the knee pads.

So between beating them through thick oak brush to scrambling across and laying in boulder fields at 13,000', these pants have held up and performed flawlessly. They will continue to be my go to pant for a bear, bighorn sheep, and elk hunt this fall. If they survive those then I am sold (which I am 90% of the way all in on Pnuma as is) on Pnuma, their products, and their guarantee.
How would you rate this product?
by Adam O. (7/25/2017)
Vent for Tenacity Performance
I enjoyed these pants so much that I had to purchase another pair to wear in everything I do. I wore them in all ranges of weather and terrain and they seem to be the most durable pant I used so far. One thing I hope to see in these pants would be some form of hip vent with a mesh lining to dump heat. Maybe move the side pockets more towards the front of the leg to open up a spot to put that hip vent in. I think the vent would give this a 5 star in my book. Great Product overall!
How would you rate this product?
by Brad (7/2/2017)
New standard in outdoor pants.
I wish there were more stars...This is probably the last pair of pants you'll ever be happy with. Pnuma has upped the bar with these and they'll be the standard you compare every other pant to. They're comfortable, sharp and built like they're combat ready. From the fabric, pocket design, waist design, removable knee pads, ankle straps, etc. I dont think Punam overlooked a single detail. They're hard to even get dirty, much less destroy. I catch myself wanting to wear these every work and play in.
How would you rate this product?
by Dustin (5/29/2017)
Puma Performance pants
I wore my new pair of Puma Performance pants last week. They are light weight and comfortable. The fit is excellent. Lots of pockets for stuff and the knee protection is a great bonus. I am very happy with my purchase.
How would you rate this product?
by Bubba (5/13/2017)
Third pair
Just ordered my third pair of tenacity pants (two solid color & one camo). These pants are awesome! I've been working out & lost some weight so I ordered a smaller waist, but these are comfortable, durable and look great even for casual non-hunting. I have hunted Montana, Wyoming & the Oregon coast with them and they are my favorite. I had a small pocket issue with my oldest pair & Pnuma had me send them in for repair, no questions asked. The warranty works!
How would you rate this product?
by Grandpa hunter (5/11/2017)
The last pants you will ever want to wear.
The Tenacity pants are by far the most comfortable pants I have ever put on without exception. The fit is amazing, the pockets with multiple access points are well thought out, and the material is exceptionally tough yet comfortable. I could brag these pants up for an hour! I recommend the Tenacity pants (solid or camo) to anyone that asks me about hunting gear. Give them a try, you won't be sorry!
How would you rate this product?
by Be_The_Predator (2/21/2017)
Just got my pants and let me tell you I have a man crush on these things! Now I have not had a lot of time to put these in the field but I own a lot of other brands and these are very very nice! Absolutely the nicest first impression I have had on a pair of pants yet!
How would you rate this product?
by Matt (2/13/2017)

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