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Pnuma will repair or replace damaged gear per our Lifetime Guarantee. All decisions regarding whether to repair or replace apparel will be determined by the company.


Please click here to send an email with the following REQUIRED information:

  • Your name
  • Shipping address
  • Piece(s) you are sending in
  • Size
  • Camo or Solid Color
  • Order number
  • Description of issue

ALSO – PLEASE SEND PHOTOS – AS MANY AS IT TAKES TO SHOW THE ISSUE.  This will help us determine how your repair or replacement will be handled. Including photos will speed up the process for you. Simply drag and drop or attach photos to the email. 

PRINT A COPY OF YOUR EMAIL AND INCLUDE IT INSIDE YOUR PACKAGE. Do not attach the form alone or in an envelope to the outside of the box. 

WHEN SHIPPING, OBTAIN TRACKABLE SHIPPING SERVICE AND PURCHASE SHIPPING INSURANCE. We do not guarantee we will receive your returned item and will not be responsible for missing/undelivered packages. Tracking information provides proof of delivery. It is your responsibility to monitor the shipping progress of your package from point of origin through final delivery with your shipping service. The decision to purchase insurance, while highly recommended, is at your discretion.


Before sending an item(s) in for repair it/they MUST BE WASHED (hand washed, air dried).

NOTE: Clothing sent to us containing dirt, odors, and/or blood will NOT be repaired or considered for replacement. The item will be returned. First of all, it’s gross to do that to someone working hard to repair your issue. Second, it violates health code standards. Lastly, a good repair cannot be made on soiled garments. 


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