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How to care for Pnuma hunting gear

Pnuma hunting apparel provides exceptional performance against the weather to keep you warm, dry, and cool. No matter where or how hard the hunt, apparel will become soiled from dirt, sweat, blood and other contaminants; all of which can impact Pnuma apparel performance, breathability and durability. Simple, routine care of your Pnuma gear will make sure it’s always ready to perform as intended.

Hand wash. Cold water. Gentle detergent. Air dry.

That combination of cleaning will keep your gear in high performance shape season after season after season.

Washing – How and how often

When there’s blood, dirt and sweat, and odor that’s built up on your Pnuma hunting jackets, pants, shirts and base layers they should be hand washed. If you must wash by machine only the Gentle or Delicate cycles for the briefest time the setting can be used. Using any other settings will void the Lifetime Guarantee. When washing use only cold water and a scent-free detergent or detergent created specifically to wash hunting apparel for scent free performance. 

Bleach and Fabric Softeners

Never use bleach or fabric softeners. Use will void the Guarantee.

To dry Air drying of garments is strongly suggested. If you use a machine dryer use Air/Fluff or Delicate heat settings only. Under no circumstances should hotter temperatures be used. Damage to Pnuma apparel from dryer high-heat settings will void the Guarantee.

Pnuma hunting garments with DWR rain repellent finish (Waypoint Hunting System, Selkirk Hunting System, and Selkirk Endurance Hunting Systems, for example) can remain in the dryer for an additional 15-20 minutes after drying at the lowest setting to help reactivate the effectiveness of the waterproof technology. This might only need to be done once or twice a season. Ironing garments with DWR finish at low heat – with towel-weight/thickness cloth between the garment and the iron (consider using a towel) – will also help reactivate the DWR technology to help keep rain rolling off and reduce possible moisture penetration of the fabric.

Again: Hand wash. Cold water. Gentle detergent. Air dry. That combination of cleaning will keep your gear in high performance shape season after season after season.

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Care of Merino Wool Base Layers

Merino wool is a natural fiber from Merino Sheep and more care is required than hunting apparel made of synthetic yarns and fabrics.

It is suggested you wash Pnuma Merino Wool base layers using cold water and the gentle wash cycle. As with all hunting apparel do not use bleach, detergents with fragrance or fabric softeners. Also, do not dry clean.

Merino wool can shrink so do not dry using high heat. Always use low heat or air dry on a flat surface to help retain the original fit and shape.

Washing insulation layers with 3M™ Thinsulate™

When insulation loses its puffy, loftiness Pnuma insulation base layers can be washed. Thinsulate should not lose its loftiness but if it does we suggest doing it only when necessary.

We suggest you wash on the gentle cycle or by hand using cold or warm water. It is recommended you rinse garments thoroughly – twice when machine washing – to make sure all detergent residue is removed. Do not use detergents with fragrances and fabric softeners, fabric softeners, or bleach.

When fully dry, either by line or machine drying, you can shake the dry garment to regain loft of Thinsulate in Pnuma insulation base layers.

In between hunts it is suggested you do not roll up or pack your insulation garments as this will flatten the Thinsulate if left rolled or packed for a long period. During the off season it’s suggested you hang these garments to ensure high performance when next season rolls around.

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