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Our name comes from a Greek word. Roughly translated? Spirit.

Pnuma apparel is for those who have it in their makeup - their spirit - to push themselves further, to test limits, and see where the extra effort takes them.

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To help get to the limits and beyond, we make our gear with the finest designs, fabrics, and components found anywhere in the world. We partner with global leaders including Coolcore™, DuraFila™, 3M®, and Porelle™ to produce the most advanced wicking, thermal regulation, waterproof, windproof, breathable, insulated, and durable hunting apparel found anywhere. And we offer it at a price that makes sense.

We’d be honored to be part of your hunts and move in the spirit together.


We Are

Thank you for your interest in Pnuma. It’s our privilege to introduce you to our new brand of hunting apparel. First off, our name. Pnuma (noo-mah) is a word of Greek origin meaning “Spirit.” And our spirit, determination, insights, experience and desire to create the very best for our customers led to the creation of Pnuma hunting apparel. With the launch of Pnuma we are delivering a totally new experience to those who live to hunt and hunt to truly live.

Our Pnuma hunting apparel took years to develop. It’s easy for a company to take “off the shelf” fabrics, zippers, and membranes offered by manufacturers, design gear, produce it, and offer it up as the latest and greatest on the market. Not so for us.

Pnuma hunting apparel was years in the dreaming, thinking, testing, refinement, development, and more refinements before bringing it to life. And our commitment to delivering you the most innovative hunting apparel in the world is proven through the uniqueness of our designs and a custom pattern that looks amazing at three feet but is deadly at a distance. We searched the globe for the best fabrics, features and technologies including the Porelle Extreme membrane with an industry leading Vapor Transfer rating of 120,000 – more than twice the breathability of any other hunting apparel membrane on the market today. Our wide apparel assortment ensures you’ll have the right gear, no matter where you hunt, to deliver you to moments of truth and back home again for a lifetime of adventures.

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To ensure your Pnuma hunting gear is with you for a lifetime of hunts we’re proud to offer all customers our Pnuma Lifetime Guarantee. If our apparel fails at any time we’ll repair or replace it. Your satisfaction – and our hunting apparel – is guaranteed for life.

If you’re going to have Pnuma hunting gear for a lifetime it needs to fit perfectly. We’ve taken care of that, too. In addition to sizes going up to XXXL we’ve added Tall sizes to ensure a perfect fit. Our Tall sizes of base layers, insulation vest, pants and jackets add 2” to the torso, 1 ½” in sleeve length, and 2” in pant length. And instead of buying pants by traditional choice you order them to fit you perfectly by waist and inseam measurements.

When it comes to pricing of Pnuma hunting clothing we are proud to bring you pricing that eliminates retail markup. By doing so we’ve reduced your price of Pnuma apparel by up to 60% of what the cost would be if it were sold at retail. Not selling through retail also means we’re designing and building Pnuma apparel as it was meant to be.

On behalf of all of us at Pnuma welcome to a new world of hunting apparel. And we look forward to being part of your life as you seek out and live new adventures.

All of us at Pnuma

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