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Merino Wool Visor Beanie

Merino Wool Visor Beanie by Pnuma Outdoors
Merino Wool Visor Beanie by Pnuma Outdoors Merino Wool Visor Beanie by Pnuma Outdoors Merino Wool Visor Beanie by Pnuma Outdoors Merino Wool Visor Beanie by Pnuma Outdoors merino beanie cold merino beanie wet merino cap antlers

Merino Wool Visor Beanie

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One size fits most

Perfect for early-to-mid-season mornings in the field. Snug fit, warmth, and just enough visor to keep sunrise and sunset out of your eyes so nothing gets in the way of making the perfect shot. 

  • 100% Australian Merino Wool
  • SilverStrike™ anti-microbial for enhanced odor control
  • Short brim visor
  • Seamless crown
  • Guaranteed for life
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Comfort in any condition. The way nature intended.

What makes the Pnuma Merino Wool Visor Beanie the very best? It’s designed and intended for hard use regardless of hunting style, temperature, or long periods between laundering. Warmer and more comfortable than any synthetic fiber, the elasticity and ultra fine fibers in our 100% Australian Merino wool products help them performing and fitting the way a knit beanie should. We’ve added superior SilverStrike anti-microbial odor contro to help keep you odor free and smelling fresher, longer than if we had made the Pnuma Visor Beanie with Merino Wool alone, even after a few days in the backcountry. 

  • Soft, comfortable 19.5 micron Australian Merino Wool
  • Short brim visor keeps sun out of your eyes
  • Seamless crown for snug fit without over-compressing
  • Rib-knit cuff fits comfortably over ears without affecting hearing
  • Additional SilverStrike anti-microbial odor control for improved scent stealth and freshness in the field 
  • Guaranteed for life

Pnuma Merino Wool. The wool you’ll want pulled over you.

Search the world over, as we have, and you will find the very best Merino wool comes from Merino sheep breeds of Australia - the same source of wool for our Pnuma base-layer.  Merino has natural properties of fine-gauge staple length, lanolin, strength-to-weight ratios, and elasticity, plus odor-control and wicking properties that are nothing short of amazing. But, we made it more amazing. By adding SilverStrike™ anti-microbial we’ve made our Merino Wool base layer harder-working for you by helping to further reduce odor to keep you and your Pnuma Merino Wool base layer fresher, longer.

SilverStrike™ Antimicrobial Technology. Nature’s scent control.

Microbes are living cells like bacteria, fungi and algae that can grow on many materials creating foul odors, discoloration, and formation of mildew and biofilm. Put your gear away wet and you know exactly what we’re talking about. The antimicrobial properties of silver, unlike harsh chemical treatments, have been known for centuries. Applying it to outdoor gear is still a great way to combat odor. SilverStrike advanced antimicrobial fabric technology prevents the formation and growth of bacteria and other odor-causing microbes, keeping garments smelling fresher—and you staying undetected—longer.

pnuma lifetime guarantee

As we consider what's important in today's world, we realize that there aren't too many pledges made with true character standing behind them.

L.L. Bean made one of the strongest pledges of customer satisfaction in 1912, and it remains exceptional today. A.G. Russell made a similar promise in 1962, and today it, too, has stood the test of time. Pnuma is unwavering in our desire to be exceptional. Exceptional in all ways. Always.

Pnuma is a brand that delivers a premium customer experience in every aspect of everything we do. We demand of ourselves to be among the very few who have the courage, character and confidence to offer our customers the most powerful claim we can possibly make:

A 100% Lifetime Guarantee on our entire line of Pnuma products – everything we make. Not for 30 days. Not for a year. But, for the life of the product.

If our products fail you? We’ve failed you and we stand solidly behind our promise to make it right. We will repair or replace any product that fails to meet your expectations.

We're proud to make this promise to you.

Click here to learn more about our lifetime guarantee.

Overall Rating
14 Review(s) | Add Your Review
toasty noggin'
love it! great fit form and function. kept my noggin' toasty during my 2 weeks in a cold iowa tree . well done guys well done!
How would you rate this product?
by thesittingfox (11/16/2017)
visor beanie
the visor works good works good early to mid season not quite warm enough for real cold tree stand hunting
How would you rate this product?
by cody (11/14/2017)
Love it
How would you rate this product?
by Nathan (11/1/2017)
The perfect hunting hat
I hunt in Vermont and New Hampshire where it can get into the single digits and where a warm hat is a necessity. Hats with typical length brims get in the way when aiming, so this hat fills the bill on both counts. I really like the fact that the ears can be covered as much or as little as I like instead of just up completely or down completely. Even with my ears fully covered, my hearing is barely compromised. Top notch quality construction brings it all over the top. I couldn't be more pleased.
How would you rate this product?
by Old Marine (10/24/2017)
This is a fantastic piece to wear alone or with a liner underneath....Either way you'll be warm....
How would you rate this product?
by Creeks (10/11/2017)
Epitome of great quality visor beanie
Comfortable, warm, conforming, and functional.
How would you rate this product?
by Mattchew_Picchu (10/4/2017)
Great mountain beanie
Great fit, light, and comfortable. I noticed with many beanies that they affect my hearing. This one does not. The visor is actually usable too.
How would you rate this product?
by Colby (9/11/2017)
Best Beanie out there
By far my favorite beanie. I bought it this year for hunting and loved it so much i wore it for everyday use and just bought another one for this hunting season. It is a great hat that holds heat in , and wicks sweat away. If this came in Camo you wouldn't be able to make them fast enough.
How would you rate this product?
by Daniel (9/6/2017)
Just What I was Searching For!
I received my Merino Wool Beanie today and really like the fit and quality of this cap. I already knew the benefits of merino wool, however, I always wanted this style of beanie. There's just enough visor to help shield my eyes from the sun and snow. The color goes with my PNUMA quarter zip merino shirt I ordered a week ago. The fit is snug (not tight) and the merino wool fabric should give me the protection I need during the fall and early winter. Another great purchase from PNUMA. I love their products and customer service. The shipping was fast.
How would you rate this product?
by YellowFinHunter (8/15/2017)
Looks good, works good!
I've always like the idea of a brimmed beanie, but have had a hard time finding one that doesn't make me look too much like Elmer Fudd. Besides a great look, this one fits great, stays put and is functional. Good work Pnuma!
How would you rate this product?
by Dustin (5/29/2017)
New Favorite Hat
I really like this hat. I shoot traditional a fair amount and need the short brim. This is one of the few short-brimmed hats I've found that really fit well. The cuff is a nice touch and fully covers my ears. There is no loose fabric for a "cone head" at the top, which is nice because I prefer my hats to have a snug fit all the way around. The merino is soft and non-itchy. I would guess it's temperature range (for me) would be 40-75. Hotter and I'd wear a mesh ball cap; colder and I'd add another beanie on top. I don't even really care that much that it isn't camo. I've worn it around town a few times because I like it so much.
How would you rate this product?
by Garrett (3/31/2017)
Quality construction
Great fit, even for my big head (7 5/8). Stays in place and doesnt shift. Good stitching
How would you rate this product?
by PA Hunter (3/1/2017)
Really like this hat.
Keeps the ears warm and the sun out of my eyes. Quickly became my go to as the season went on. Fit is perfect. Not to tight on my ears. I wear a S/M fitted style cap.
How would you rate this product?
by TheWB (2/10/2017)
Merino BeanieJ
Great product. Great fit. Fast shipment.
How would you rate this product?
by J (1/26/2017)

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