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Merino Wool Glove Liner

Merino Wool Glove Liner by Pnuma Outdoors

Merino Wool Glove Liner

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    Glove Single Size - Size Chart

    Applies to styles: Waypoint All-Season Hunting Glove, Performance Deerskin Work Glove

    SizeAcross Knuckles (See Diagram Below)
    MEDIUM 3-3.5"
    LARGE 3.5-4"
    X-LARGE 4-4.5"
    XX-LARGE 4.5-5"

    Glove Dual Size - Size Chart

    Applies to styles: Merino Wool Lightweight Glove

    SizeAcross Knuckles (See Diagram Below)

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As a liner under our Waypoint gloves when the mercury drops, lightweight Merino is the perfect layer of warmth for the stalk, a late season sit. 

Note: To be worn as glove liner only

  • 100% Australian Merino Wool
  • One-piece thumb
  • Silverstrike anti-microbial odor control added for stealth and freshness in the field
  • Folded cuff with leather grip tab
  • Guaranteed for life when worn as glove liner
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Comfort in any conditon.The way nature intended.

What makes the Pnuma Merino Wool glove liner the very best? It fits under our Waypoint Glove for added warmth and is designed and intended for use regardless of hunting style, temperature, or long periods between laundering. More comfortable than any synthetic fiber, the elasticity and ultra fine fibers in our 100% Australian Merino wool products help them fit the way a next-to-skin layer should. Natural odor resistant properties and SilverStrike antimicrobial odor control keep you fresh, even after a few days in the backcountry.

Note: To be worn as glove liner only

  • Soft, comfortable 19.5 micron Australian Merino Wool
  • One-piece thumb and coverstitched fingers for snug fit
  • Folded cuff with Pittards oil tac grip for ease of pulling on your gloves
  • Additional SilverStrike anti-microbial odor control for improved scent stealth and freshness in the field
  • 1.1 ounces
  • Guaranteed for life when worn as a glove liner

Pnuma Merino Wool. The wool you’ll want pulled over you.

Search the world over, as we have, and you will find the very best Merino wool comes from Merino sheep breeds of Australia - the same source of wool for our Pnuma base-layer.  Merino has natural properties of fine-gauge staple length, lanolin, strength-to-weight ratios, and elasticity, plus odor-control and wicking properties that are nothing short of amazing. But, we made it more amazing. By adding SilverStrike™ anti-microbial we’ve made our Merino Wool base layer harder-working for you by helping to further reduce odor to keep you and your Pnuma Merino Wool base layer fresher, longer.

Silver-Strike Antimicrobial. Nature's scent control

Microbes are living cells like bacteria, fungi and algae that can grow on many materials creating foul odors, discoloration, and formation of mildew and biofilm. Put your gear away wet and you know exactly what we’re talking about. The antimicrobial properties of silver, unlike harsh chemical treatments, have been known for centuries. Applying it to outdoor gear is still a great way to combat odor. SilverStrike advanced antimicrobial fabric technology prevents the formation and growth of bacteria and other odor-causing microbes, keeping garments smelling fresher—and you staying undetected—longer.

Overall Rating
10 Review(s) | Add Your Review
not worth the money
very light weight not very warm by them self worn under the selkirk glove they help i tried wearing them in warm weather by them self and they did not stand up the cuffs ripped when i was putting them on ill be sending them back there not worth the money
How would you rate this product?
by Doyle (3/23/2019)
Works well with Selkirk Insulating Gloves
I got these to go with the insulating gloves. Together they work excellent and these liners take out any gaps and cold seams in the Selkirk Insulating gloves that you might experience. The Selkirks are excellent by themselves but add these liners and "Smack" you are set. Thank you Pnuma!!
How would you rate this product?
by Meatdown Meadow (3/7/2018)
Just a thought
Nice glove liner. Will make good early season gloves. Maybe offer a pair just for early season with some type of grip enhancing palm and fingers, as that would detract from it's liner capabilities.
How would you rate this product?
by Brandon (1/3/2018)
merino glove
would work good as early season archery hunt glove
How would you rate this product?
by cody (11/14/2017)
Nice gloves
Lightweight, nice fit, great product.
How would you rate this product?
by Wisconsin Bowhunter (10/25/2017)
Do best as the name says: Liner
Light and airy but no lightweight for sure. Great wicking and the stitching is solid. The longevity has my confidence and are comfortable on their own for close to freezing temperatures but as they are named they make the ideal liner, i.e paired with the Deerskin work gloves make for a grand combo for frigid temperature as a casual everyday dress glove or trusty hiking/backpacking/survivalist glove.
How would you rate this product?
by Mattchew_Picchu (10/4/2017)
Great lightweight glove
Perfect fit and stow-able. Great for early morning chills or sitting in the stand. I still have good feeling with them on when working with cameras or small items.
How would you rate this product?
by Colby (9/11/2017)
grippy stuff.
Love merino wool for liner gloves,but don't like the "slippery" trigger finger. Some sort of grippy honeycomb stuff on the palm and fingers would be awesome, if possible, without ruining the glove. Like on my "trinity" gloves? I don't know the industry, but would by two pairs instantly if they had more grip. Just a thought. Thanks, John D.
How would you rate this product?
by autumnshadow (8/24/2017)
Good for a light glove too!
I assume these would surpass expectations as simply a liner, however I mostly wear them by themselves for a light glove when temperature drop. I have put mine through the ringer from ice and snow to just additional protection from mosquitoes on warmer jaunts. The wool performs as you'd expect from quality wool. The wool does tend to get a little "frizzy" in the fingers after a quite a bit of exposure but have not worn through or torn. For a glove intended to be a liner, these are great.
How would you rate this product?
by Dustin (5/29/2017)
glove experience
I am a big glove consumer, especially for hunting. I bow hunt in the beginning of September when it's hot to the end of November when it can be well below freezing. I've tried high end gloves from firstlite, Sitka, kuiu to name a few down to Wal-Mart cheap gloves. personally I've found that I do best with a merino glove. The problem I run into is they don't have the durability and grip I need for handling a bow or rifle without compromising the qualities of the merino. If I move to anything bigger, it's bulky and not accommodating for use. The other reason I like the merino glove is it's breathability. Bulky gloves make my hands sweat fast and my hands end up being just as cold as without gloves. The problem is the merino gloves are expensive and don't last more than 1 season of elk hunting.
Will your gloves hold up to the challenge?
How would you rate this product?
by Mr.T (9/15/2016)

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