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Pnuma delivers a premium customer experience in every aspect of everything we do. We demand of ourselves to be among the very few who have the confidence to offer our customers the most powerful promise we can make: a Lifetime Guarantee.

A 100% Lifetime Guarantee on our entire line of Pnuma products – everything we make. Not for 30 days. Not for a year. But, for the life of the product.

If our products fail you? We’ve failed you, and we stand solidly behind our promise to make it right. We will repair or replace any product that fails to meet your expectations.

With the promise comes some common-sense restrictions.

We will not guarantee products that have been abused or used for purposes other than what they are intended for.  Nor will we guarantee products that have come in contact with harmful powders, liquids, heat sources, fire, and/or chemicals that degrade and/or destroy product fabrics, materials, and componentry. We will not guarantee products that have been permanently stained.

If you have any problems with your apparel you believe qualify for repair or replacement the first thing to do is email Pnuma Customer Service. It is extremely helpful to include mobile phone photos of the garment and areas of concern.


Thank you for being a Pnuma customer. We are proud to be part of your hunts.

And we are proud to offer this Guarantee to you.

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