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We strive to bring you the latest in technologies, whether they are fabrics, membranes. designs, components, or functionality. With the addition of L-AV8 infused energy technology in Rogue shirt and pant products we are bringing something no other hunting apparel company in the industry is offering - the benefits of improved health.

Designed for extraordinary performance

L-AV8 IE electromagnetic infusion is designed to increase stamina and blood flow. Materials are transformed at a molecular level to smooth out their natural wavelengths, a process that creates the ideal shape to attract and hold more electrons. This patent-pending process claims to heighten the brain-to-body connection and stimulate the body’s ability to achieve an overall sense of well-being.  Benefits of L-AV8 have been known to help customers from all walks of life and lifestyles and they experienced Increased Strength, Improved Hydration, Better Sleep, Greater Flexibility, Reduced Surface Inflammation, More Energy, Faster Recovery, and Increased Endurance. For maximum effectiveness, it is suggested items be worn as often as possible to see and continue seeing the claimed positive results. L-AV8 IE is believed to be a therapeutic energy enhancement that will last the lifetime of the garment. It cannot be washed out. Individual results may vary based on the chemical makeup of each person.

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