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Here at Pnuma, we have applied years of global hunting experience, combined with painstaking design detail, to meticulously craft every piece of gear that bears the Pnuma brand. We are confident that our products are among the very best in the world.

But, what you think about your Pnuma gear is what matters most.

We invite all customers to file a Field Test review on your experience with Pnuma apparel in the field. Your reports will be available for website visitors to review. In addition, copies of each report will go to the Pnuma team to help us refine products for next season as well as develop new products. 

To file your report please fill in the sections below.


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Details of your hunt

Rate your satisfaction of the following features and benefits as applicable:

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    Thank you very much for completing this Field Report. To file your report simply click “Submit” below.

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