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How does your sizing run, and what size would you recommend for general layering?

Most of our hunting jackets, pants, shirts, tops, and gloves are designed with an athletic cut, which means that it fits comfortably without excess room or baggy fabric. We recommend that if you are normally at the big end of a size, or in between sizes, to generally go up a size, especially if you will be layering over more than just a hunting base layer. We want to make sure you have the opportunity to get the size that fits you best.

Does the Pnuma Terra pattern work well in early season or in environments with lots of green vegetation?

Yes! Even though it is a lighter pattern, due to color blocking and its ability to break up the silhouette at all distances, this pattern works really well in early season environments.  Remember, whether on the ground or in a tree around under a canopy of green leaves, sunshine will throw a green cast over everything as it’s rays shine through the overhead cover. Think of it like a photographer using a green gel filter. The lights or sun above the green gel pass through making the setting below and everything in it a green color. That’s the very reason heavy green patters can become too dark early season – looking like a dark blob to animals 20yds and further away.

What is the temperature rating of your outer gear?

Individual apparel item temperature ratings are extremely difficult to pinpoint or assign and are dependent on a hunter’s physical makeup, cold tolerance, health, activity level, and many other factors. Consequently, Pnuma does not offer temperature ratings. We rely on the process of layering with IconX and Merino Wool base layers and Insulator Mid-Layers to achieve proper temperature control and comfort during every hunt...

What is the difference between the Waypoint and the Selkirk?

The Waypoint Hunting Jacket, Pant, and System are mid-weight, wind and water-resistant pieces made of a durable woven softshell material that is deadly quiet. It can withstand light to medium rain and snow and will keep you dry due to the 3M DWR treatment on the shell fabric. In addition, Waypoint has grid fleece insulation lining on the inside, just like the Selkirk All-Weather Hunting Jacket, Pant, Bib, and System. Selkirk is windproof and waterproof because Selkirk’s construction is integrated with the breathable, waterproof Porelle Extreme membrane. All seams of the membrane are heat and tape sealed to prevent the passage of moisture, vapor, and water. Like Waypoint, Selkirk also has a mid-weight grid fleece lining focused on the body core. The outer fabric is a soft and quiet knit micro brushed tricot, almost like a very low nap fleece, and is also treated with 3M DWR for water repellence. The Porelle Extreme has the highest breathability rating of any membrane used in hunting apparel (120,000 g moisture vapor transfer). Being mid-weight suits, Waypoint and Selkirk are designed to put you in complete control of your comfort level, allowing you to layer up or down for optimal comfort depending on hunting conditions, temperature, and exertion level.  You can’t go wrong with either Waypoint or Selkirk Hunting Jacket, Pants, Bibs, and Systems. But, if you hunt in wet conditions and/or hunt with high levels of exertion? Selkirk is the suit more than likely the best hunting suit for you. 

Which hunting base layer do you recommend and why?

We offer a couple of great options for base layers. If you are active with high levels of exertion during your hunts and not sitting in cold temperatures, many of our customers prefer the Merino Wool base layer, especially for activities such as early season elk hunting, and other hunts where it’s cool in the morning but warms up during the day. It’s hard to beat the comfort of Merino wool. For stationary hunting in cold temps, or when you will be active but may encounter dramatic swings in temperature, then the IconX Hunting Base Layer really shines due to its ability to thermo-regulate the body to help control temperature. In addition, the design and stretch fabric of IconX gives your body a gentle squeeze while wearing it. That “hug” of IconX Hunting Base Layer fit can feel like an extra boost of confidence and help you move more deliberately offers muscle support to help keep you on the move from its different bundles of fibers and stitching. Both styles offer excellent moisture-wicking and antimicrobial odor control.


What’s the best way to wash and dry Pnuma gear?

It is strongly recommended to wash your Pnuma apparel in cold water in a non-scented, mild laundry detergent or detergent made specifically for hunting odor elimination. It is always suggested to air dry. Machine drying, even at the lowest heat setting can damage high-performance fabrics. If you must machine dry, use the “fluff” or air dry setting without heat. Do not wash Pnuma apparel in hot water or dry at high-temperature settings. See our product care page for more details on how to properly care for your Pnuma gear.


Do you have a Pro Staff program and how do I apply?

We do not have a formal Pro Staff program. However, we do look for dedicated hunters with active social media accounts who are strong photographers, videographers, and/or storytellers. We typically look for a minimum of 1,000 followers on Instagram or 500 on Facebook. Most importantly, we look for engagement with your content. We’ll take fewer followers and more engagement any day. While you can send an email through Contact Us, we’re really out there looking for you. And if we believe working together to wear our apparel would be a great fit for both of us? We’ll get in touch. And one more thing: please do not look at a position of working together as a means of simply getting free gear. All of us at Pnuma Outdoors buy our own gear. If we work together? You will too.

Do you need hunters to test Pnuma gear?

Our customers test Pnuma apparel every moment they’re in the field. And every customer is invited to send in their thoughts about Pnuma by completing a Field Test report found here on the website. Those reports are read by Pnuma leadership and help us refine current products and develop new ones. So, no, we do not give gear away to individuals wanting to test our gear. Become a Pnuma customer and we look forward to your input.


Do you give discounts to guides and outfitters, military, police, first responders?

Yes, we offer a 10% discount to all of the above. You may request the discount here with current proof (guide/outfitter state license, police and/or first responder identification or letter from the city you work). Once approved, you will receive a promotional code with your discount. Note, the discount cannot be combined with any other discount offered at the time of your purchase.


Why isn't your discount for outfitters and first responders as big as what other hunting apparel companies offer?

It’s easy for other brands to give big discounts because they are giving away their retail profit margin. But that full-priced gear isn’t coming from a retailer – it’s coming from the company’s warehouse. So, giving discounts of 30, 40, 50%, etc. is simple for them. Our gear is already discounted every day due to the fact we’ve eliminated retailer markup. In addition, we offer our exclusive Lifetime Guarantee. The discount, no retail markup, and Lifetime Guarantee is our way of saying thank you for what you do in your professional


How do I care for the IconX Heated Core Vest

Hand wash in mild detergent and cold water only. Machine washing on any setting and machine drying at any heat level – even Fluff or Air Dry - will void the guarantee of the IconX Heated Core Vest. Machine washing and drying will cause the fiber heating elements to shift position resulting in poor heat distribution or complete loss of heating performance. Additionally, the battery connector in the Vest-pocket may also suffer damage.


What does your Lifetime Guarantee cover?

Pnuma promises to repair or replace any piece of our apparel that fails you. That includes defects in manufacturing as well as normal wear and tear. And, yes, that includes snagging your pants on a piece of barbed wire. When you return an item of apparel for repair please know the process will take about two to three weeks from the time we receive your item until it’s returned. Click here to learn more about our lifetime guarantee.






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