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Turkey Season - Gear for Gobblers

It’s the season many have been waiting for since their final tag was punched last year. Turkey Season. In some states the season has already started. Others will open soon. To make sure you’re set for your season here are gear recommendations based on the style and conditions you’ll hunt.

Hunting Turkey From A Ground Blind

If you’re hunting from a blind the key is to stay dark. Do you have to wear black? No, but certainly the darker the better to keep you and your movements undetected against the black interior of your blind.

A great piece for hunting turkey from a ground blind is the Cascade Fleece Hooded Pullover. It’s soft, comfortable, and the perfect weight for cool mornings right through sundown and layers perfectly with the IconX Performance Base Layer. When a big Tom approaches, pull up the hood and you’ll be ready to take your shot. A bit of face paint (don’t forget to add some paint to the back of your bow hand especially if the sun is hitting your blind) will help you disappear into your cover even deeper.

Three solid color shirts to consider for hunting from a ground blind are the Rogue Long Sleeve Shirt and Rogue Long Sleeve Shirt with L-AV8 technology in black or Pine Creek green, and the Tenacity Coolcore™ Performance Shirt also in Pine Creek. Although lighter weight than the Cascade Fleece Hooded Pullover, when you add the IconX Base Layer beneath Rogue or Coolcore™ you’ll have a solid combination of gear working for you when temperatures are on the cool side.

With spring weather as unpredictable as it is (this is being written in 60-degree temps with the forecast calling for a blizzard starting tomorrow!) it’s a good idea to have a high-performance hunting jacket and pant available for any conditions that arise. Since the blind will protect you from wind and rain, the Waypoint Mid-Weight All-Season Outdoor Jacket and Pant is a great choice. The color will help keep you concealed while the mid-weight fleece lining focused on your core will provide warmth without bulk. Plus, Taffeta lining in the arms of the Waypoint jacket arms will make your every move smooth, quiet, and deadly.


If temperatures aren’t quite cool enough for a suit jacket, consider the Cascade Fleece Hoodie or Rogue Shirt with an Insulator solid color Jacket or Vest. The 700 power fill, featherless insulate in each Insulator piece will help keep you warm in cool mornings. During the warmest part of the day you can peel off the Insulator Outdoor Jacket or Vest, stuff it in your pack until the sun and temperature start to drop, and slip it on again to keep you warm and comfortable.

Hunting Turkey - Running and Gunning

Whether you run with a gun or go with a bow, when you’re on the move in the woods, prairie, or mountains, top of the line gear will help you perform and your peak and keep you comfortable.

Let’s start next to skin with your base layer. The IconX Hunting Base Layer is a master of thermal regulation, wicking, and keeping you comfortable for turkey hunting and for all your hunts during the fall season. The hollow HydroWick™ fibers draw moisture away from you skin when temps get warm and exertion level is high. The moisture is moved to the outermost fabric for dissipation and evaporation. Another strong base layer option is the Merino Wool solid color Hunting Base Layer. Made of the finest 100% Australian Merino Wool, the top and bottom will help keep you cool and dry during warm temperatures and periods of high exertion. During cool mornings, days, and afternoons this tried and true fabric will keep you warm.

For those on the move with a bow or shotgun, having a pair of pants that will take the punishment of everything from logs, rock, heavy brush, to the sharp edge of the dropped tailgate of your truck is a necessity. So is having a pant to keep you dry and comfortable when working your way through early morning grass and brush covered with dew or wet from rain. The Tenacity Gaiter Pant is that pant. With an outer fabric of Dura Fila N66 high-tenacity yarn, these are the toughest pants you’ll ever wear. Soft, pre-molded, removable knee pads (included with each pair) can be slipped into place in seconds when it’s time to pick you spot and make the shot. The Porelle Sport membrane, positioned from ankle to just above the knee, provides waterproof/breathable performance to keep moisture from entering the pant. The membrane, with a Moisture Vapor Transfer rating of 70,000 is the second highest-rated membrane in the industry – behind the Porelle Extreme membrane with an MVT rating of 120,000 found in our Selkirk Mid-Weight All-Weather Hunting Jacket and Pant -  for breathability. As you move the Tenacity Gaiter Pant will breathe to help keep you cool, protected, dry, and comfortable.

For concealment and performance, the Tenacity Coolcore Performance Shirt, Rogue Long Sleeve Shirt, or Rogue Shirt with L-AV8 technology are solid performers. All three can be layered easily and effectively with the IconX Base Layer to add warmth and performance when you face cooler temperatures and/or exertion level is high.

When it comes to concealment, stealth, and performance, the new mid-weight Gunnison Merino Hoodie will pay big dividends in the field. When you need that extra bit of warmth for your core and arms, plus the extra concealment you get from the form-fitting hood, there’s no better choice for killing turkeys when you’re on the move. 

While you’re chasing Toms, bad weather could be chasing you. Be prepared for whatever comes your way – from brilliant blue skies to wind and rain – with the Selkirk Mid-Weight, All-Weather Hunting Jacket and Pant. The mid-weight Selkirk puts you in total control of your comfort. Layer it light or layer it heavy based on temperature, conditions, and exertion level. The Super Micro Brushed Tricot outer fabric is deadly quiet and treated with DWR for rain repellency. Inside the outer fabric is the heart of Selkirk: the Porelle Extreme waterproof/breathable membrane. With Selkirk, if you’re wet on the outside you’ll be dry and comfortable on the inside. In cold to warm temperatures under clear skies, Selkirk will keep body moisture away from you with a Moisture Vapor Transfer rating of 120,000 – the highest rated membrane in the industry for breathability. So, when you’re hunting hard, Selkirk is working hard to keep you dry and comfortable as moisture builds up inside your jacket and pant. This is the suit that will take you from turkey hunting, to the mountains, prairie, and your favorite whitetail hunting stand this fall.

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All of us at Pnuma wish you a safe and successful turkey season and every season. Be sure to send us photos! We’d love to share your adventures on Facebook and Instagram. Send images to

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