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The Insulators. Layers to wear all season.

by David Strandberg

Being cold bites. And while consistently cold weather is still months away for most of the country, even early season can bring a chill or even flat-out cold to September and October hunts.

Man wearing insulating hunting clothes

Western antelope, mule deer, and elk hunters are already hunting in the heat of day. But, before the sun rises and as soon as it sets temperatures drop they can be faced with chilly treks out of, and back to, camp. Whitetail hunters will start going to their stands mid-September when an afternoon/early evening sit could be in temperatures ranging from 40 to 90. Regardless of where, how, and what we hunt, we all hunt under the same sun. And when it starts to set, temps start to drop. It’s no fun being that guy in the tree or moving across a ridge line who’s wishing he had brought along a warm piece of gear.

These temperature swings can be planned for. And temps can swing without notice. The old adage still holds. Expect the unexpected. When temperatures move downward it’s critical to stay comfortable and focused on the hunt.

A great way to stay warm across the season is with the help of The Insulator Mid-Layer insulated hunting jacket, vest, and pant.

When the forecast calls for warm days but chilly mornings and evenings, head out in your Pnuma Tenacity Pant or Tenacity Gaiter Pant, Coolcore® Performance Shirt or Rogue hunting shirt. Add The Insulator Vest or Jacket to put a stop to the chill by keeping your body’s core warm and your movements fluid. Keep The Insulator Vest or Jacket in your pack for when you need it. Pull it out and slip it on as your outer layer to move in concealment, stealth, comfort, and with purpose. Later in the season, head out on cold temperatures hunts with The Insulator pieces you want to keep you at the comfort level your hunt and body demand as mid-layers beneath your Waypoint, Selkirk, or Selkirk Endurance hunting suit.

Pull The Insulator mid-layer hunting pant out of your pack and slip them on when glassing, you’re pinned down, or for hikes in and out of where you’ve got the big guys patterned. Thanks to the full-length leg zippers on The Insulator pant, whitetail hunters can get into the pant with minimal movement while sitting in their stand. You’ll have to raise your butt up off the seat a couple inches to slip the pant underneath it. But, the warmth will be worth a lot more than that little bit of effort.

Like the jacket and vest, The Insulator hunting mid-layer pant will layer perfectly and easily beneath any Pnuma hunting suit when cold sets in.

The 700 fill power of 3M™ Thinsulate™ Featherless Insulation will keep you warm when you wear The Insulator Mid-Layer jacket, vest, and pant. This unique, high-performance insulation performs every bit as well as down – but, unlike down, it will also keep you warm even if the insulate gets wet. To help prevent that from happening each piece is treated with DWR for water repellency. The insulation will stay in place thanks to the Pnumagrid quilting pattern sewn across each piece.

The Insulator features a smooth face, YKK heavy duty, stitched-sealed zippers, and SilverStrike™ anti-microbial odor control.

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