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Sitka has established itself as one of the most popular and admired companies in the hunting industry. And for good reason. They’ve established a new standard among hunters who know the advantages of living their hunting adventures with the help of high-performance designs, fabrics, and concealment. Sitka also contributed to the movement away from “twigs and leaves” camouflage and into a new era of concealment design.

Hunters who consider and/or buy Sitka also know new fabric, component, and design directions established by the brand come at a hefty price. And for those who have no issue paying $279 for a hunting vest or $599 for a hunting jacket? Go for it. You’ll get solid, well-made, gear with high-performance fabrics and technologies.

But, do you have to pay that kind of money for hunting gear? No. That’s one of the great things about the industry. There’s gear for any price range. Today we did a tour of a few well-known sporting goods and hunting apparel stores and saw vests for $29 and cold weather jackets for $69. We also saw more expensive alternatives. So, whatever your budget allows, there’s gear for you.

pnuma v sitka

When it comes to hunting gear, you get what you pay for

But, there’s another truth about the hunting apparel (and true of most clothing categories) – you get what you pay for.

Pnuma was founded with the goal of delivering unmatched hunting apparel and systems made with leading edge, ultra-performance fabrics and components at a price that makes sense. Is Pnuma inexpensive? Not when you consider price alone, no. Is it expensive? That’s a relative term. What’s expensive to you and me might not be expensive to someone else. Is our apparel as expensive as Sitka? No. Pnuma apparel also offers a lot more value for the price by giving hunters next-level technology and performance.

High-tech fabrics and designs for hunters who demand more

Let’s look at a few examples of how Pnuma is bringing high-tech fabrics and designs to hunters. We’ll start with waterproof/breathable membranes. The purpose of a waterproof/breathable membrane is to do what the name suggests – keep you dry in rain and snow, and comfortable when moisture/sweat is built up inside your jacket and pant by allowing water vapor to escape. This process keeps you drier and more comfortable in warm weather, early season hunts to the cold of late-season.

Most brands of hunting apparel offer gear designed and made with a waterproof/breathable membrane. But most won’t talk about how effective they are with supporting data. Why? We’re not here to answer that question. That’s up to the brands who don’t present effectiveness data to answer.

The highest performing membrane in hunting

Bottom line: there's a difference in waterproof/breathable membranes – a big difference. And we choose to talk about the performance of our Porelle Extreme waterproof/breathable membrane because there is no higher performing membrane in the industry than the Porelle Extreme integrated into the Selkirk All-Weather Jacket and Pant or Bib. Porelle Extreme has been tested and proven to a Moisture Vapor Transfer rating of 120,000g. As of this writing there is one other leading hunting apparel brand we know of that notes the MVT rating of its waterproof/breathable membrane at 40,000g. The higher the number? The more breathable the membrane is. We’re proud to offer hunters the highest-rated membrane in the industry.

Before you buy any brand’s waterproof/breathable apparel, ask them about the MVT rating of their membrane. If they don’t tell you? The next move is up to you.

Thermal regulation and moisture management

Other unique, leading-edge technologies for whitetail, elk, bear, antelope, mule deer, and predator hunters we offer include Coolcore® thermal regulation and moisture management fabric found in the Tenacity Coolcore Performance Shirt. Coolcore fabric (which is exclusive to Pnuma in the hunting industry) is designed to eliminate sweat saturation spots (underarms, neck, back) by spreading moisture throughout the garment. When that happens, evaporation and drying occurs more rapidly because the garment is drying less moisture across a greater area as opposed to drying areas of concentrated sweat. Coolcore also has the unique ability to reduce “cling” that happens with a sweaty or wet shirt. Every move you make during warm weather, early-season hunts or any hunt where exertion is high will be easy and deliberate without fabric from a sweat soaked shirt clinging to your body/skin.

pnuma tenacity

Lightweight, comfortable, and tough as nails

Another break-through fabric we offer hunters is DuraFila N-66 High-Tenacity Yarn found in the Tenacity Hunting Pant, available in both custom Terra camouflage and solid color. As with Coolcore, we are the only hunting apparel company to offer this revolutionary fabric. This lightweight, breathable fabric is incredibly comfortable while being tough as nails. Tencity will stand up to any abuse you throw at it – and Tenacity will win. Tenacity Hunting Pants are perfect of early and mid-season hunts. Plus, Tenacity Hunting Pant can also be layered easily with Pnuma’s IconX Base Layer or Merino Wool Hunting Base Layer for later season hunts where extra warmth is needed.

Next-to-skin warmth

And if extra warmth is really needed? Pnuma introduced the IconX Heated Core Vest to hunters as the only heated next-to-skin cold weather layer. The rechargeable battery will deliver approximately six hours of heat at the low setting (100-degrees). The beauty of the Heated Core Vest? Total mobility as the Vest is less than 1/3” thick and has no sleeves.

iconx heated vest

Pnuma delivers on the goal of providing hunters with leading-edge fabrics, components, and designs for every hunt and every season of your season at a price that makes sense.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MVT rating of Sitka's waterproof/breathable membrane compared to Pnuma?

Sitka's website does not clearly say what the MVT performance is. Pnuma’s waterproof/breathable membrane is rated at 120,000g. Pnuma's rating is believed to be highest in the hunting industry.

Is Sitka more expensive than Pnuma?

Based on website prices it appears Sitka can cost considerably more than Pnuma. One reason is Sitka is sold at a price that includes retailer markup. Pnuma pricing is not marked up for retail sale.

Does Sitka make more money off of me when I buy online?

Absolutely. Let’s say Sitka makes a pant for $60 and sells it to a retailer for $125. Sitka makes $65 per pair. The retailer sells the pant for $225. That is also the website price. When your buy online from Sitka they make $165 off an online sale.

How do Sitka's patterns compare to Pnuma?

Sitka had one of the first digitally designed camouflage patterns. Pnuma’s custom Terra pattern is digitally designed along with human touches to heighten the chameleon factor and hold the pattern’s definitions at the long distances animals see from.

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