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A question we get asked is, “How does Pnuma compare to KUIU?” We understand where the question comes from. Hunters compare the designs, fabrics, features, and functionality of hunting apparel offered by different brands before making a buying decision.

While we answer each and every question hunters send our way, when it comes to the Pnuma v. KUIU question it’s important to note: we are not KUIU. We don’t want to be KUIU. We’ve never made any attempt to be KUIU or any other hunting apparel brand and never will. Who and what we are is Pnuma.

It’s interesting for us to visit hunting forums and read threads comparing Pnuma and KUIU. Comments like “…the Selkirk is heavier…” or “Their pants weigh more because they have more pockets” are not uncommon. Frequently, these comments are served up like it’s some incredible discovery the person who wrote the post has made.

Gear built for performance, not for weight

We know Selkirk weighs more than suits made by KUIU. Selkirk was never meant to be lighter than KUIU suits. None of our products were designed to be exclusively light weight. And we are very aware many of our pants have more pockets. Some of our gear also offers more fleece for greater warmth. We offer heavier weight zippers for more durability. We choose fabrics for performance in different conditions and seasons of the season, stealth, functionality, and their ability to withstand punctures and tears from every obstacle they come in contact with. We do not build our apparel by the ounce.

pnuma camo gear full draw

Pnuma apparel is designed and manufactured for optimal performance. And if our gear weighs more ounces than lightweight, high-altitude hunting apparel? We believe the extra energy required to move in a piece of Pnuma apparel that weighs a few more ounces is worth it to the hunter. We believe it’s worth a bit of extra weight to stay warmer, be drier, or to have that extra pocket(s).

We admire KUIU and all they’ve accomplished as a hunting apparel brand. We also admire how they do not waver from their brand positioning as ultralight mountain hunting gear.

pnuma camo gear hunt

Hunting gear that doesn’t make sacrifices

At the same time, ultralight means sacrifice. If your brand is ultralight anything, it means elements found in other brands are missing or limited. What’s missing from an ultralight brick? In ultralight apparel it can mean elements like insulation and pockets are reduced or simply not there. While some hunters might benefit from fewer features and functionality offered in ultralight gear, many don’t.

For example, the largest number of hunters in the country – whitetail hunters – might not. On June 30, 2016, the owner/founder of KUIU answered a question in a video (it’s still posted if you want to watch) from a hunter who lives and hunts whitetails in the Midwest. The question: “Any plans for cold weather gear for hunting out of a tree stand?” Frankly, the owner/founder gave the same answer we would have given if we worked for them – or any marketer who wanted to stay true to what their brand represents. The response? “It’s not in our DNA as a brand. The focus…is making ultralight mountain hunting equipment.”

Gear designed for every terrain and any conditions

No matter where you hunt, the conditions you hunt in, and whether you’re 20’ up in a tree stand or chasing western trophies at 14,000’ Pnuma offers highly technical hunting apparel designed with features and functionality that perform beyond your expectations.

That’s what’s in our DNA.

KUIU vs Pnuma FAQ

What is MVT rating of KUIU’s waterproof/breathable membrane compared to Pnuma?

According to KUIU website: 40,000g. Pnuma’s waterproof/breathable membrane is rated at 120,000g. The higher the number the greater the breathability.

Is KUIU gear good for whitetail tree stand hunting?

According to KUIU Founder and CEO, Jason Hairston, no. During a streaming video in 2016 he mentioned (making whitetail hunting apparel) “…is not in our DNA.” “...If you’re wearing our gear in a tree stand you haven’t made a good choice.”

Why does KUIU gear weigh less than Pnuma?

KUIU is lightweight mountain gear. Pnuma makes gear that is warmer and has more functionality. Those extra features weigh a bit more. Pnuma believes hunters would rather carry a few extra ounces than be cold or wet.

Can I wear KUIU while tree stand hunting for whitetail?

Yes, you can. However, the Founder and CEO of KUIU said on June 30, 2016, that KUIU was not meant for tree stand hunting. Their gear is meant to be worn by hunters on the move in high altitude who generate their own heat, particularly in cold weather. Pnuma gear is designed for all terrains and all seasons.

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