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There is no tougher pant.

As an apparel brand, this industry is a great one to be in not only because we’re hunters, but because there are so many unique fabrics to choose from to design and manufacture our apparel with.

Since Pnuma was launched, we’ve partnered with some of the finest fabric manufacturers in the world to bring you cutting edge design and performance for your hunts. We’ve partnered with Coolcore™ to bring you the most advanced wicking material available today in the Tenacity Coolcore Hunting Shirt. Another partner? Porelle. The Porelle Extreme membrane is integrated into our Selkirk Jacket, Pant, and Bib. The Porelle Extreme delivers the highest-rated Moisture Vapor Transfer (MVT) rating in the industry at 120,000g – performance that’s 3x more effective than any brand that believes in their membrane to the point of publishing research results.

Another key partnership is with DuraFila and the N66 High Tenacity Yarn that makes up the fabric of our Tenacity Performance Hunting Pant.

There is no tougher pair of pants than Tenacity. The fabric resists tears and nicks no matter what you subject them to, from rocks and tree limbs, stickers, burrs, right down to a sharp, rusty edge of the dropped tailgate of a truck.

Tenacity is the perfect pant for early season to later season hunts. They’re lightweight, breathable, have plenty of pockets with easy access, they dry quickly, have boot and ankle closures, and abrasion resistant overlays. They also layer easily over our IconX Base Layer and Merino Wool Base Layer.

Another great feature are the soft, pre-molded removable knee pads. We made Tenacity with removable knee pads especially for western hunters. Why? When you’re hiking and, on a stalk, having protective knee pads “bouncing” against your knees isn’t the greatest feeling. When it’s time to get serious and get close to the animal you’re after just pull the pads from your pack and slip them into position. It takes seconds to give you the extra protection you need to make the perfect shot.

To top it off, read the reviews on Tenacity. Many customers call Tenacity the most comfortable pant they’ve ever worn. Not just when it comes to hunting pants. Any pants.

Check out the Tenacity Hunting Pant here.

Have questions about Tenacity or any piece in our lineup? We’re always ready to help. Contact us.

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