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100% Australian Merino Wool – for early season? Absolutely.

When you prep to do an outdoor activity in high temperatures, the thought of wearing Merino Wool probably isn’t at the top of your “What to Wear” list. But it should be.

Merino Wool has been around for centuries, and for good reason. It’s a fantastic material. It’s one of only a handful of materials that offer proven effectiveness for keeping the body warm in cold temperatures.

Here’s why you should be wearing Merino Wool during warm weather hunts: Merino Wool is proven to be an incredible material for wicking moisture away from the skin. By drawing moisture away from skin and naturally migrating it to the outermost part of the fabric, Merino Wool will dry quickly. And in heat, the drier you can stay the more comfortable you’ll be.

Merino Wool also has natural odor control. So, you can wear Merino Wool and not have to wash it frequently to prevent odor buildup. And if it does need washing? A quick hand wash in cold water with a scent-free detergent and letting it air dry will preserve the fabric and performance of each piece.

Pnuma’s 100% Australian Merino Wool hunting base layers  - available in our custom Terra pattern or solid color – will work hard to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable in the heat of early season and anytime your hunt exertion levels are high. Wear the Terra pattern Merino Wool ¼ Zip Top as your outer layer and throw on our Insulator Vest or Jacket over it when the sun sets and temps cool down, or when you’re glassing or taking a break during the chase.

And the same reason to wear Merino Wool Base Layers during early season for your body are the same reasons to wear Merino Wool on your head. With the Merino Wool Visor Beanie, the fabric will wick away moisture from your head and hair and move it into the fabric of the Beanie for evaporation. And during sunny days the visor will help cut down on the sun’s rays to give you the best opportunity to make the perfect shot. In cold weather? It’ll keep you warm and comfortable. And regardless of temperature, the natural odor control of Merino will be hard at work helping you remain undetected.

100% Australian Merino Wool Hunting Base Layers and Merino Wool Visor Beanie. Buttery soft. Incredibly comfortable. Warm and cool temperature performance. Superior wicking ability. Natural odor control. A deadly combination for warm weather and any-weather hunts.

Learn more about Pnuma Merino Wool Hunting Base Layers here.

Have questions about any of our warm weather hunting jackets, pants, and shirts? Contact us. We’re glad to help.

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