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When we set out to create Pnuma, our goal was to deliver the highest quality apparel possible at a price that eliminated retail markup. Reaching that goal was no easy task. But we believe we’ve done it and are dedicated to exceeding your expectations as our line of product offerings grows.

One part of Pnuma that will never change is our commitment to product quality.

We will continue to integrate the finest designs, features, technologies, materials, components, and finishes into our apparel, including:

  • The Porelle Membrane with the highest MVT breathability rating of any hunting gear on the market – 120,000
  • Zippers by YKK – the finest zippers in the world
  • WearGuard™ anti-slip and anti-abrasion overlays on jacket shoulders and elbows, as well as pant knees and boot cuffs to prevent damage, slippage and help keep you safe
  • DuraFila N66 high tenacity yarn to produce the toughest pants you’ll ever wear
  • Innovative Coolcore fabric for the ultimate in moisture management and thermal regulation
  • Featherless insulation that works even when wet
  • A unique base layer to support your muscles and keep you moving forward
  • The finest fabrics and anti-microbial odor inhibitor to help maintain your stealth and keep your garments fresh

But, perhaps, no other feature in our entire product line is more important than this: the Pnuma Lifetime Guarantee.

What does it mean? It means, no matter what happens to your Pnuma gear we will fix or replace it for you, forever.

No other brand in the hunting industry makes such a bold promise about the quality of their apparel. Yes, they’ll stand behind their products for 30 days, 60 days, their definition of the “life of the garment,” or against manufacturing defects, but never normal wear and tear.

Catching your pants on a piece of barbed wire or a sharp branch and ripping them is normal wear to hunters.

No other apparel company cares about that sharp piece of metal or branch ruining your gear. But Pnuma does. Guaranteed.

When you spend your hard-earned money on hunting apparel and head into the upcoming season to realize a dream that’s been in your head from the moment you tagged out last season, go with a trusted partner. A partner that can’t guarantee success, but will guarantee to stand behind the gear they make with the strongest promise possible: a guaranteed partner for life.

We hope to earn a spot on your hunts this season. And for a lifetime of seasons.

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