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Since the day we introduced the Pnuma pre-launch site back in July, we’ve received hundreds of emails and calls from people asking if they could field test our new line of apparel.

We decided no one would be better to file Field Test reports than you, our customers.

There’s a new page on the website that allows you to file a report, or number of reports, on your experiences with Pnuma in the field. The form will be filled out completely online. The report page will also give you the opportunity to upload photos from your hunts.

When your report is published on the website you’ll receive a FREE Pnuma tee shirt as our way of saying thank you for taking the time to evaluate your Pnuma gear and share your experiences with others.

Tee shirts will be available for purchase soon!

Customers and new customers will benefit from your reports to help make gear selections. Our team will use the reports to make product enhancements as well as spark new ideas for products we create and develop in the future.

When you’re ready to complete a Field Test report just go to this page on the website.

Make it a successful and safe season.

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