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Let's look at individual “symptoms” that weather patterns have on a hunter’s performance and how apparel technologies can make these factors become non-factors so hunters can keep focused on what they’re in the field to do in the first place. Enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds us and get the job done. And not focus on their gear.

Problem: Moisture and cold weather

Moisture is the enemy of body temperature control. All the hand-ringing about moisture really comes down to protecting a hunter’s core temperature. Because, when core temperatures drop, extremities suffer and performance begins to decline rapidly. Most concerning, you can have the best gloves and footwear ever developed, but they mean little if the core temperature falls. Knowing this, the very best way to protect hands and feet and salvage muscle strength and responsiveness is by protecting the core.


The IconX Base Layer

A unique, high performance next-to-skin base layer with 13 performance zones for thermal regulation. Unique hollow core yarn fills with air in cold temperatures. This air is warmed by your body to keep you warm and moisture free.


Merino Wool Hunting Base Layer

100% Australian Merino Wool is a natural at keep you warm in cold temperatures. And this base layer, like the IconX, can serve on hunts throughout your season – keeping you cool in warm temperatures and warm when it’s cold.

merino wool hunting gear

IconX Heated Core Vest

The newest addition to our next-to-skin product line this battery powered vest will ensure the warmth of your body’s core with hours of heated performance. You stay warm with absolutely no bulk and complete freedom of movement – and your body gets the chance to perform at peak levels despite the cold temperatures you hunt in.

iconx heated vest

Problem: Warmth in extreme cold

Warmth in the coldest temperatures frequently means the addition of a mid-layer to be worn over your base layer. The result is warmer muscles in your core and legs. And warmer muscles mean you move in stealth to defeat cold temperatures and the devastating impact they can have on your body’s ability to perform.

Solution 1.

No matter where you’re hunting, a hunter can stay out in the cold weather for as long as it takes with this technology: Lightweight 3M™ Thinsulate™ Featherless Insulation – 700 fill power. It’s highly breathable, and extremely warm. Featherless insulation is a synthetic, durable and superior alternative to natural down. Why? Featherless down retains its loft and keeps hunters warm even when wet. Pnuma’s Insulator apparel system offers mid- and outer-layer insulation.

Solution 1b. – Warmth with no bulk and freedom of movement

Introduced in early September, the new Cascade Fleece Performance Mid-Layer System is designed to keep you warm with unique Dura Fila N66 High Tenacity yarn that has a smooth, durable outer finish that glides inside jackets and pant outer layers for easy and off. The inside of the fabric is quiet, soft, warm, durable, easy to move in and great looking. Can’t ask for a lot more out of a mid-layer.

fleece hunting gear

Solution 2 — Staying dry is staying warm

Cold alone is tough enough on your body. But, the combination of cold and rain/sleet/snow? Brutal. But, if that’s when the big animals are moving? You gotta’ be out there. And being out there means being prepared for everything that can come your way. Being cold is one thing. But cold and wet delivers a new set of challenges. Challenges that can be overcome with the right technology in the right gear for the right time of the season.

porelle extreme hunting gear

The highest-rated, waterproof/breathable membrane in the industry – Porelle Extreme — is a performance feature of Pnuma’s Selkirk line. Its outer layer keeps wetness out, providing a waterproof rating of more than 20,000. The inner layer is a hydrophilic, water-loving layer, which draws water vapor from a hunter’s perspiration through the membrane to the outer layer where it evaporates. With a Moisture Vapor Transfer (MVT) rating of 120,000, Pnuma delivers twice the breathability rating of any other hunting apparel.

Selkirk All-Weather hunting apparel offers protection from rain and moisture buildup using the Porelle Extreme technology. It’s then paired with an added fleece lining to provide warmth. The system was designed to be worn with base and mid-layers for optimal comfort and cold weather performance. New for ’17 is the Selkirk Hunting Bib. A contemporary design of a traditional favorite using the super micro brushed Tricot outer fabric as Selkirk, and the Porelle Extreme membrane that’s become known as a cornerstone component across the Selkirk line.

selkirk jacket

And, new as of this fall, Pnuma has launched the lightweight Selkirk Endurance jacket and pant, which features the same Porelle Extreme membrane, but without the fleece level by layering up or down to meet the demands of any hunting environment, depending on weather and the level of exertion the terrain and animal you’re after challenges you with. Endurance can be worn into late season by giving the hunter complete control over their comfort level by using the right base and mid-layers or protection from cold, rain, sleet, snow, and wind.

lightweight selkirk hunting gear

For hunters who choose not to hunt when cold and heavy rains are in the forecast, Pnuma offers the Waypoint Jacket and Pant All-Season System. Waypoint, like Selkirk and Selkirk Endurance is meant to layered up in cold weather to meet conditions. The Pnumagrid fleece lining provides a strong foundation of warmth and comfort to build on as the need arises. The softshell exterior fabric is deadly quiet and windproof by design (up to 50mph), and has a warm, four-way adjustable hood also lined with low nap Pnumagrid fleece.

waypoint hunting system

Again, we want to thank our friends at Grand View Outdoors, and special thanks to GVO’s Amy Hatfield, for information about cold weather performance presented in this article. You’re the best, Amy. Thanks, again.

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