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Gearing up for Hunting Season 2019

Hunting gear is a common subject around here. And it’s a common subject when you get together with your hunting buddies.

We want to let you know about one piece in the gear bags of a few hunters who’ve been customers and friends of Pnuma for several seasons. You might know them personally or through their photography and stories on our website and across their social media accounts.

They were asked to suggest one piece of gear from their Pnuma kit  that’s one of their favorites. Here’s what they told us.

Tom Martineau


Tom’s hunted all over the globe, but he’s got his eye on a big, tall-tined buck who’s been showing up near his home in Minnesota. Tom is a world-renowned photographer and you can follow his wildlife images on Instagram at @tommartineauimages and his life in the wild images @therawspiritimages.

“I’ve told all my hunting buddies to get the IconX Heated Core Vest. If my core is warm during the cold days of the MN, KS, IA and MO ruts (no, I don’t have tags for all this season) the rest of me is warm for all day sits. Sure, I’d like to have a longer battery life like everyone else. But, I got an extra so if I go through one I slip in another and I’m good to go for the day and, hopefully, a recovery. Every whitetail hunter who hunts the rut and late season should have the Heated Core Vest as the first layer they put on when getting dressed for those cold hunts.”

Fred Bohm

If you don’t follow Fred (@fredbohm) on Instagram you’re not making good choices with your social media. Fred lives in Colorado and spends more time in the backcountry than anyone we know. He still manages to run a successful ecommerce firearm cleaning kit brand called Sage & Breaker.

“Two (yes, I was asked for one but am giving two) of the most versatile pieces of gear in my kit is the Insulator Jacket and Vest. I’m constantly adding and taking off gear as I move around the mountains to stay warm and comfortable. The pieces pack and layer easily. They’re perfect to wear on chilly mornings and evenings, and to slip on during days when I stop to glass or get pinned down by an animal. Warm. Comfortable. Easy to pack. The Trifecta of what I want out of gear for the mountains and tree stands (and turkey blinds and…).

As long as I'm not sitting in 100-degree desert heat, the Insulators go with me. Whether it be sitting in a treestand, zipping around in the early morning on a side by side getting to my hunting spot or deep in the backcountry squatted down with glass to my face picking apart the hillside; the Insulators are with me. They allow for instant warmth as easy on/off outer or mid-layers. You can just throw them on as needed or stash in your pack when you’re moving about to your next glassing location. Game changer."

Dillon Issak

Dillon is a Montana guy who recently moved to Boise. If you haven’t seen his self-filmed stalk  on YouTube that ends up with him taking a bull elk and a cow elk from the same position just seconds apart? After shopping definitely check it out.

“I’m all about the IconX Base Layer. The base layer is amazing. I wear it when it’s warm and cold because it wicks away sweat really well and keeps me warm when it’s cold in the mountains and the prairies I hunt. The base layer is incredibly versatile. And if I can get that from a piece of gear? I’ll take it."

Brady Retterath

Brady lives in South Dakota has been a gracious host of Dillon, Fred, and Tom for spring turkey hunts. He travels out west for bear and elk, and works it hard for whitetails and antelope in SD.

Brandy also appears in the Pnuma print ads this season. Want to share in the life of a hard-working hunter? @bradyretterath on IG.

Selkrik All-Weather Hunting Suit. It’s a mid-weight suit that works hard no matter where and when I’m hunting…from the mountains hunting bear and elk, to the SD prairies stalking mulies or in a stand hunting whitetail. I can wear it with a base layer for cooler, mid-season temps and when I’m on the move. It’s perfect for cold weather as it lets me layer up to stay warm and comfortable when I wear of combination of base layers and mid-layers. The membrane keeps me protected from wind and rain and is incredibly breathable. So, whatever moisture builds up inside Selkirk leaves the suit to keep me dry no matter what the conditions."

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