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When antelope season arrives, there are two main tactics hunters employ:  blind hunting and spot-and-stalk. And both are done in the heat of late summer/early fall. So, staying comfortable will help you stay effective no matter what your hunting approach. Here’s our gear recommendation for antelope hunting.

antelope gear rec

Spot and Stalk Hunters

For those who spot-and-stalk there’s no better combination than the Coolcore® Performance Shirt and Tenacity Pant. Coolcore is the master of keeping you comfortable in the heat of summer. With its light weight and unmatched wicking capability, Coolcore will serve you well during antelope season and work hard for you during early elk season. For those hunters who travel from the east to hunt antelope Coolcore is a great shirt when you return home and start hunting early season whitetail.

An alternative to Coolcore is our Merino Wool ¼ zip top. Lightweight, amazing wicking performance, ultimate in concealment and quiet, and does double duty as your base layer later in the season.

Moving throughout your seasons holds true for the Tenacity Pant, too. It will perform beyond expectations every hunt – no matter what the location. The Dura Fila N66 High Tenacity Yarn is the toughest fabric you’ll find. It’s also lightweight and breathable. And the waist and inseam sizing makes sure your fit is perfect and comfortable. A feature you’ll appreciate when you’re on a stalk are the soft, pre-molded, removable knee pads. When pants are ordered by waist and inseam the pads will fall right where they should. So, they won’t be flopping above or below your knee as you move. If you want to remove the pads? They out in seconds, ready to be placed in your pack.

One alternative to the Tenacity Pant is the Tenacity Gaiter Pant. Now, there’s no need to wear separate gaiters to keep you dry and protected when moving through wet, early morning grasses and brush. The Porelle® Sport membrane will keep you dry and comfortable with a Moisture Vapor Transfer (MVT) rating of 70,000. Same tough as nails Dura File N66 fabric as the Tenacity Pant, same knee pads, same great fit. So, instead of wearing traditional gaiters, just put on these pants and go.

Ground Blind Hunters

For ground blind hunters, concealment offered by a blind alone isn’t always enough. Movement inside the blind as well as flashes of color and flesh can hurt you chances of taking the antelope you’re after. What we suggest are two antelope hunting gear approaches.

ground blind hunting

The first is to wear our solid color Coolcore Performance Shirt. The dark color will help conceal your presence and movement in the blind. Just as important, the fabric will keep you cool. And there are days when sitting in a blind during August can be a challenge. To help with your concealment even more, consider adding the beanie and glove from our Cascade collection to eliminate any flashes of sunlight or movement caused by your head and hands. Just keep them close by in the blind and slip them on when an antelope moves in.

As the season moves on, early morning and sunset temperatures cool. That’s the time to consider the Cascade Performance Hoody. The black fabric and hood makes for a powerful concealment combination in the blind, especially when paired with the Cascade Beanie and lightweight glove. And maybe some face paint.

The Cascade pieces will work hard for you during your later season hunts in the blind and as a mid-layer no matter whether you’re chasing western game or whitetail.

We hope you have a successful start to your hunting season. And the right early season gear can help your be efficient and effective no matter what your hunting approach. Shop our Tenacity line for lightweight, breathable, gear that will exceed your performance expectations every time you put them on.

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