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When we set out to create the new camo pattern for Pnuma we knew it would be a difficult task. Just like everything at Pnuma we would be challenged to achieve what is generally considered unachievable: create one camo pattern that works well in all environments, in all seasons, and at all distances.

To be universally effective we knew our pattern would have to have a heightened chameleon factor. To do that we had to consider more than just the perspective of the human eye and environmental surroundings. We also had to have a solid understanding of the color-specific eyesight of the wildlife we hunt. The Pnuma camouflage pattern would need to work hard, not requiring the hunter to change position, get in or out of sunlight, hunt only from certain trees, or purchase different patterns for different hunting scenarios.

First, working with Kanon Kulpa and Blaine Kirchert of KamoTek, we created Pnuma Terra on a large 42”x 36” scale to reduce the number of repeats on each piece of gear. Patterns are frequently designed to a 25” x 25” scale which creates a noticeably repetitious look, especially on larger coverage areas.

Next, designer Kanon Kulpa collaborated with the Pnuma team and added warm organic colors to form a multi-layered, soft-edge, complex background blending seamlessly with tactical hex shapes and the sharp contrast of black fractures. These elements combine to create a dramatic counter-current texture which closely mimics various settings found in nature.

Ultimately, the Pnuma Terra pattern created the illusion of depth and layers of fine detail when viewed up-close. From a distance the lightest and darkest areas take over, morphing into a large-block, multi-distance camouflage pattern. This morphing phenomenon first occurs at about 25 yards, again at about 100 yards, and continues until the distance becomes too great for what the eye can see without the help of high-powered optics.

The initial pattern looked awesome, but the proof would be confirmed in field testing. To adequately determine the versatility of the pattern we subjected Terra to a series of hunts in different locations, habitats, and background environments around the world. During development we looked at the pattern’s ability to blend according to the human eye as well as its ability to remain concealed from wildlife, including the sharpest eyes of mountain sheep and goats. Throughout the testing we subtly tweaked the pattern as we gained insight into its performance.

Once we believed we had Terra dialed in and performing well around the globe there was still one more critical test. The location? Our own backyard. Could this one pattern what worked so well in mountains, creek bottoms and deserts on different continents prove effective in the woods, meadows and cornfields of whitetail country? The answer was a resounding “Yes.”

To document these final tests we worked with Kenton Rowe, wildlife naturalist and renowned photographer with covers for National Geographic in his portfolio. Kenton would critique the pattern through the lens and from his in-depth knowledge of how, and what, game animals see.


kenton rowe“As a wildlife photographer, concealment is of utmost importance to me. When a sharp-eyed fox looks straight into your eyes at 10 feet and doesn’t blow out you know you have good concealment. Terra’s camouflage color palette is the most versatile I have worked with. With hunters wearing Terra we shot thousands of images in the high alpines and badlands of Montana. It’s where I live and hunt. After Montana we were shooting in tree stands in Minnesota. In every location the yellows, greens, and light browns of Pnuma Terra blended with the dirt tones, grasses, leafy foliage, and tree bark better than any camouflage pattern I’ve worked with or hunted in.”
Kenton Rowe.

The end result is the revolutionary Terra camouflage pattern you see today. Highly effective in a wide range of environments, seasons, and all distances no matter where the hunt takes you.

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