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Our inspiration for keeping warm in cold weather? Animals we hunt.

Polar bear, whitetail, elk, caribou, and antelope have one survival tool that helps keep them warm during the harshest winters: hollow hair.

The air-filled chambers inside strands of select animal hair are heated by their bodies. Heat is retained in each chamber to warm and insulate when it’s needed most.

Hunters who wear the IconX Hunting Base Layer have the same cold weather advantage when it comes to keeping warm. Made with hollow HydroWick™ fibers, the chambers of the next-to-skin IconX Base Layer fill with air that’s heated by the body to keep you warm and comfortable no matter how cold the thermometer reads.

In warmer temperatures or when exertion level is high, HydroWick™ offers an advantage to hunters that bear, deer, elk, caribou, and antelope don’t have: ultimate wicking capability.


As you perspire, the hollow HydroWick™ fibers fill with sweat. The IconX fabric moves sweat away from your skin, into the chambers, and then to the outermost part of the fabric for evaporation. You stay drier, cooler, and more comfortable during warm temperatures of early season and at any temperature when exertion level is high.

When you wear base layers that are subject to sweat and body odors, your smell should be of concern because it’s something animals you’re hunting will probably be aware of. However, IconX Hunting Base Layers are treated with SilverStrike™ anti-microbial. The treatment helps destroy odors before they’re formed so you and your gear stay fresher in the field. Most who wear IconX find they can go for many days without washing their gear to remove odor.

With the IconX Hunting Base Layer, you can give yourself the same advantage many animals have when it comes to keeping warm. And you can have another: the ability to stay dry and comfortable with the most advanced base layer in the hunting industry.

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