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IconX Heated Core Vest IconX Heated Core Vest
When you tagged out last season, it probably seemed like next season would never get here. For much of the country, next season is just around the corner. For the rest? We’ll have to gut it out at least several more weeks. But it’s coming!
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Pnuma Outdoors - Tenacity Pant Pnuma Outdoors - Tenacity Pant
As an apparel brand, this industry is a great one to be in not only because we’re hunters, but because there are so many unique fabrics to choose from to design and manufacture our apparel with.
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Pnuma Outdoors Merino Wool Pnuma Outdoors Merino Wool
When you prep to do an outdoor activity in high temperatures, the thought of wearing Merino Wool probably isn’t at the top of your “What to Wear” list. But it should be.
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Pnuma v. Sitka Pnuma v. Sitka
What's the difference between Pnuma and Sitka? Both make great quality hunting gear, but one is much more innovative and delivers greater value for the price. Find out which is best for your hunting needs.
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Cold Weather Advantage - IconX Cold Weather Advantage - IconX
Our inspiration for keeping warm in cold weather? Whitetail, bear, elk, and antelope. Polar bear, whitetail, elk, caribou, and antelope have one survival tool that helps keep them warm during the harshest winters: hollow hair.
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BEING COLD BITES. Our recommendations for staying warm in cold weather. BEING COLD BITES. Our recommendations for staying warm in cold weather.
To be warm, to move freely, confidently, and successfully in gear designed specifically to exceed the demands of bow hunters, we want to pass along our collective recommendations on base and mid-layers systems to help you perform at your absolute peak in the months ahead.
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Pnuma v. KUIU Pnuma v. KUIU
A question we’re often asked is, “How does Pnuma compare to KUIU?” We understand where the question comes from. Hunters compare the designs, fabrics, features, and functionality of hunting apparel offered by different brands before making a buying decision.
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Introducing Pnuma in Colors. Solid. Introducing Pnuma in Colors. Solid.
Over the past few months we’ve been asked many times if Pnuma is going to introduce our apparel in solid colors. And the answer is yes.
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What Does the Pnuma Lifetime Guarantee Mean? What Does the Pnuma Lifetime Guarantee Mean?
No other brand in the hunting industry makes such a bold promise about the quality of their apparel. Yes, they’ll stand behind their products for 30 days, 60 days, their definition of the “life of the garment,” or against manufacturing defects, but never normal wear and tear.
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An Inside Look at Pnuma Tenacity and IconX An Inside Look at Pnuma Tenacity and IconX
Watch as Pnuma President and CEO Scott Schulz gives you an in-depth look at every aspect of the IconX Base Layer Top and the Tenacity Pant.
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