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Pnuma v. KUIU Pnuma v. KUIU
A question we’re often asked is, “How does Pnuma compare to KUIU?” We understand where the question comes from. Hunters compare the designs, fabrics, features, and functionality of hunting apparel offered by different brands before making a buying decision.
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Be a Pnuma Field Tester Be a Pnuma Field Tester
Since the day we introduced the Pnuma pre-launch site back in July, we’ve received hundreds of emails and calls from people asking if they could field test our new line of apparel. We decided no one would be better to file Field Test reports than you, our customers.
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What Does the Pnuma Lifetime Guarantee Mean? What Does the Pnuma Lifetime Guarantee Mean?
No other brand in the hunting industry makes such a bold promise about the quality of their apparel. Yes, they’ll stand behind their products for 30 days, 60 days, their definition of the “life of the garment,” or against manufacturing defects, but never normal wear and tear.
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An Inside Look at Pnuma Tenacity and IconX An Inside Look at Pnuma Tenacity and IconX
Watch as Pnuma President and CEO Scott Schulz gives you an in-depth look at every aspect of the IconX Base Layer Top and the Tenacity Pant.
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Creating the Pnuma Terra Camouflage Pattern Creating the Pnuma Terra Camouflage Pattern
When we set out to create the new camo pattern for Pnuma we knew it would be a difficult task. Just like everything at Pnuma we would be challenged to achieve what is generally considered unachievable: create one camo pattern that works well in all environments, in all seasons, and at all distances.
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You and Pnuma. A perfect fit. You and Pnuma. A perfect fit.
Whether it’s hunting jackets and pants or base layers, the right fit is imperative for optimal gear performance and comfort. That’s why we offer True Fit on all Pnuma hunting clothing.
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Our Guarantee: For Life. Our Guarantee: For Life.
As we consider what's important in today's world, we came to realize there aren't too many pledges made with true character standing behind them.
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Welcome to Pnuma Welcome to Pnuma
There are those who are satisfied with walking to the edge of God’s creations, stopping, and gazing in awe at the wonder, power and beauty of its existence.
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About Pnuma About Pnuma
The finest gear. No retail markup. Guaranteed for life. Thank you for your interest in Pnuma.
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