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Season-long Clothing for Hardcore Whitetail Hunters Season-long Clothing for Hardcore Whitetail Hunters
Pnuma would like to thank writer Tony J. Peterson and the team at North American Whitetail magazine for their permission to post this recent article about Pnuma apparel. We believe whitetail hunters will find the article informative when it comes to selecting the right gear for their hunts.
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Gearing up for Hunting Season 2019 Gearing up for Hunting Season 2019
We want to let you know about one piece in the gear bags of a few hunters who’ve been customers and friends of Pnuma for several seasons. You might know them personally or through their photography and stories on our website and across their social media accounts.
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8 Bowhunting Accuracy Mistakes to Avoid 8 Bowhunting Accuracy Mistakes to Avoid
We’d like to thank our friends at Grand View Media and Bowhunting World magazine, especially author Darron McDougal, for their preparation of this article and valuable advice. What are mistakes you’ve made? Keys and tips to shooting more accurately? Be part of the discussion at the end of the article.
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IconX Heated Core Vest IconX Heated Core Vest
When you tagged out last season, it probably seemed like next season would never get here. For much of the country, next season is just around the corner. For the rest? We’ll have to gut it out at least several more weeks. But it’s coming!
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Pnuma Outdoors - Tenacity Pant Pnuma Outdoors - Tenacity Pant
As an apparel brand, this industry is a great one to be in not only because we’re hunters, but because there are so many unique fabrics to choose from to design and manufacture our apparel with.
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The right snacks for tree stand hunts The right snacks for tree stand hunts
We’d like to thank Pnuma customer and friend, and founder of Built4TheHunt Jeff Moran for his contribution of this helpful article. It provides valuable information about what whitetail hunters can do to help maximize their performance during tree stand hunts just by eating/snacking on the right foods.
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Pnuma Outdoors Merino Wool Pnuma Outdoors Merino Wool
When you prep to do an outdoor activity in high temperatures, the thought of wearing Merino Wool probably isn’t at the top of your “What to Wear” list. But it should be.
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Pnuma v. Sitka Pnuma v. Sitka
What's the difference between Pnuma and Sitka? Both make great quality hunting gear, but one is much more innovative and delivers greater value for the price. Find out which is best for your hunting needs.
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Waypoint v. Selkirk - Perfect Suit For You Waypoint v. Selkirk - Perfect Suit For You
As an eCommerce business we’re in contact with our customers every day. We get it straight up: feedback, ideas, reports on hunts, and questions. Lots of questions. Outside of “When is the Heated Core Vest going to be back in stock?” (late August!), the most frequent question we’re asked is which suit do we recommend – Waypoint or Selkirk? And our response? A very confident “It depends.”
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Cold Weather Advantage - IconX Cold Weather Advantage - IconX
Our inspiration for keeping warm in cold weather? Whitetail, bear, elk, and antelope. Polar bear, whitetail, elk, caribou, and antelope have one survival tool that helps keep them warm during the harshest winters: hollow hair.
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